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Compare electricity rates in Atlantic City

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Searching for lower electricity prices in Atlantic City?

Don’t gamble with your Atlantic City energy prices. Look to to find great rates for electricity and natural gas instead of just continuing service with a utility. Fewer than 20 percent of New Jersey residents are exercising their right to shop for an electricity provider and potentially lower their rates, according to a 2018 Choose Energy survey.

That becomes even more important during this summer of 2018 – the U.S. Energy Information Administration is predicting price hikes across the country. That means it is a good time to lock in rates before those increases hit. As of mid-May, Atlantic City residents could save about 7 percent by opting for one of the plans available on Choose Energy instead of sticking with Atlantic City Electric.

Best of all, the process is easy. Simply enter your ZIP code above, then look for an electricity or natural gas plan that is attractive to you.

Deregulation and Atlantic City

New Jersey was among the early adopters when it comes to deregulating energy and giving residents and businesses energy choice. The 1999 Electric Discount and Energy Competition Act allowed consumers to choose their own energy path.

Residents and businesses have many choices: Fixed-rate plans offer stability through the plan term, variable rate plans have rates that can rise or fall month-to-month, and there are hybrid plans as well.

Why you should shop for electricity in Atlantic City

One reason to shop for your own energy plans rather than accepting the rate charged by your utility is to save money on electricity or natural gas. Competition – regardless of the product – usually drives prices down.

But price alone isn’t the only reason to shop for electricity in Atlantic City. Consumers and businesses also can opt for electricity made from renewable sources such as wind and solar. Such sources have become increasingly competitive price-wise with electricity produced from traditional sources, and many energy customers are jumping at the chance to reduce their carbon footprints.

Common questions about changing energy providersCommon questions about changing energy providers

Here are the some of the questions customers sometimes ask about energy choice in New Jersey:

What if my lights go out?

Even if you switch to a retail electric provider, exercising energy choice in Atlantic City, your local utility is still responsible for getting electricity to your home. Contact it whenever there’s a power outage. Because it’s also in charge of maintaining lines and the grid in general, it will handle many problems associated with outages.

Will I have to pay a deposit to start service?

Maybe. Many suppliers will do a credit check; depending on your score, you may have to make a deposit. But some providers have prepaid programs to help you avoid deposits.

What happens if I want to cancel my plan before the term ends?

You could be required to pay an early termination fee. Before you commit to a contract, be sure to read the full terms and conditions of your plan.

What happens when my new plan ends?

Your energy supplier should contact you at least 30 days before your plan ends. At this point, you have two choices. One, you could stay with your provider under terms outline in that notification – which may be different than those in your current plan. Two, you can shop for a new plan with If you don’t make any arrangements with your supplier, you could be moved into a different plan with higher rates.

How does switching electricity suppliers in Atlantic City work?

Simply follow two steps. First, enter your ZIP code above to see the Atlantic City energy plans available from Suppliers we work with are among the most reliable in the industry.

Once you see the plans in your area, pick the one that appeals to you, taking into account term length, renewable power mix, price, and any other factors you want to consider. Click sign up or call the number and you’re nearly done.

Investigate electricity rates in Atlantic City

When it comes to using to find an electricity plan, you have nothing to lose. Enter your ZIP code above, select Get Rates and see what the retail electricity providers have to offer. Want long-term rate security? A two- or three-year plan might be your best bet. Want to minimize your carbon footprint? Look for a green energy plan.

The best part? You can take control of your energy future instead of leaving it with a utility that’s looking out for itself. Exercise your right to energy choice today!