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Compare electricity rates in Baytown

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Compare Baytown electric prices

Situated along the Texas Gulf Coast, Baytown is a popular waterfront city with over 76,000 people. The city is a hub of arts and culture, with well-known attractions like the Baytown Symphony Orchestra and the Downtown Arts District. Baytown is also popular with outdoor enthusiasts, providing opportunities for fishing, birding, and geocaching.

Baytown is deregulated, meaning that residents and business owners have the power to choose an electricity supplier. Thanks to deregulation, Baytown locals can shop around and compare providers, potentially lowering their monthly electric costs.

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Baytown energy deregulation

Since 2002, most parts of Texas, including Baytown, have been deregulated, giving people in the Lone Star State the ability to select their electricity supplier. The introduction of deregulation completely changed the energy landscape in the state. Not only did it mean that Texans no longer had to buy power from their utility company, but it also spurred competition among providers, which led to more affordable rates.

These days, Texas energy customers enjoy lower bills than many other states. Compared to the national average, Texas residential electricity rates are 11.4% lower, and commercial rates are 28.3% lower.

At Choose Energy, our marketplace is designed to simplify the process of shopping for a new energy plan. We also have a resource library to answer common questions, such as: 

Baytown utility companies & energy providers

No matter which electricity provider you choose, your local utility will deliver energy to your home. Your utility is also the company that you should contact if you’re experiencing a power outage. CenterPoint Energy is the Baytown utility company.

Deregulation allows you to pick the company from which you buy electricity. In Texas, these companies are called electricity providers or retail electric providers (REPs). As you search for plans, you’ll find many Baytown electric companies, including Constellation Energy, First Choice Power, and TXU Energy.

Baytown renewable energy

Texans interested in green energy options are in luck since the Lone Star State is among the largest producers of green energy. Currently, Texas generates the most significant amount of wind energy in the country. It’s also consistently among the top five states for electricity generation from solar power.

Every electricity plan sold in Texas comes with a portion of renewable energy. There are also a handful of REPs that only sell renewable plans. If you’re interested in an all-green plan in Baytown, you’ll find them from providers like Gexa Energy and Green Mountain Energy.

Baytown energy for business

Deregulation also applies to commercial energy. If you own a business in Baytown, our energy experts can work with you to build a custom electricity plan for your company headquarters or other locations. Please fill out our form or call to learn more.

Baytown electric rates in my area

As we’ve mentioned, there are many electricity providers in Texas. Even though these companies operate in communities all over the state, their rates often vary from city to city due to different utility charges across Texas.

In other words, you should always look for electricity rates in your immediate area — otherwise, you might not see the correct rates for where you live. You can use Choose Energy to get these accurate results, rather than relying on a search engine to find vague phrases like “electricity rates in my area” or “electricity rates near me.”

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Baytown energy FAQs

What is a good rate per kWh in Baytown?

Electricity rates in Texas fluctuate due to factors like seasonality and demand. The best way to find today’s most affordable Baytown electricity rates is through a marketplace like Choose Energy.

How do I choose an electricity provider in Baytown?

Many electricity providers serve Baytown, which makes it hard to research and compare them on your own. But with our comparison tool, you can see the suppliers in your area, the plans they offer near you, and how much they charge. It’s the simplest way to find the best electric company in Baytown, TX.

How can I lower my utility bill in Baytown?

You might be able to reduce your energy costs by switching providers. Enter your ZIP code on to see what’s available in Baytown right now. Alternatively, going green can be an effective way to save on electricity costs. Try lowering your monthly electric bill by investing in energy-efficient appliances or signing up for a renewable energy plan. Finally, signing up for a prepaid plan might help you use less electricity, and reduce your bill too.