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Waco is a central Texas city with a population just under 150,000, and tourist attractions like the Dr Pepper Museum and The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame. Summers in Waco are muggy, and with temperatures that approach or surpass 100 degrees frequently, bound to require a lot of air conditioning to remain comfortable.

Like most of Texas, Waco has a deregulated energy marketplace. This means residents can shop around for the lowest Waco electricity rates for their usage needs. Enter your ZIP code to see the best electricity rates in Waco right now. 

Waco energy deregulation

Texas first allowed deregulation when competition was allowed in the wholesale market; this change was established in 1995 with the passage of Bill 373. Then, in 1999, more deregulation was passed with Bill 7. When Bill 7 was implemented in January 2002, consumers across most of Texas — including Waco — gained the power to choose from a variety of competing electricity companies. 

Before deregulation, consumers had no choice when securing electricity service – it had to be done with the utility serving the area. In Waco, deregulation has opened the market to multiple providers who offer varying discounts and rate plans. While rates statewide were not always quick to drop in the immediate aftermath of deregulation, over time the change has come to offer generally lower prices than people who live in other states. For instance:

  • Texas residential electricity rates are 10 percent lower than the national average.
  • Texas commercial electricity rates are nearly 23 percent lower than the national average.
  • Texas industrial electricity rates are nearly 16 percent lower than the national average.

Deregulating the state of Texas has not stopped energy alternatives from cropping up. In fact, the city of Waco has agreed to a green energy plan that would take city buildings to 100% renewable energy by 2022, including changes like making fire stations solar power dependent and adding more wind power. This is aligned with the greater trends in Texas.

The Choose Energy marketplace gives access to many providers of cheap electricity in Waco, and your recommendations feature transparency. We’re talking about ratings for every provider, estimated monthly bills based on 1,000 kWh usage, and any plan terms. We guide you through the whole process. When you compare electric rates in Waco on Choose Energy, you can also take advantage of:

Waco utility companies & energy providers

While residents can choose from many Waco electricity providers, the utility company is Oncor. Regardless of which provider you select, Oncor delivers the electricity to your home. Your utility company also maintains essential infrastructure like power lines and circuits. Have an outage? You should contact Oncor to let them know about it. You can reach the company to report an electricity outage on their website or by calling 1-888-313-4747.

Waco electricity rates include plans from some of the biggest energy providers in Texas. You can see exactly which providers are available in your zip code by entering it here on the Choose Energy marketplace, then compare policies from companies like 4Change Energy, Reliant Energy, and TXU Energy

Prepaid and pay as you go plans may be available from some providers. 

Waco renewable energy

Thanks in part to its size and in part to strategic efforts to go green, Texas leads the nation in wind energy and has the most solar power potential. In 2019, renewable energy accounted for about one-fifth of the total energy in Texas. Additionally, the state has legalized the construction of transmission lines that take renewable energy from remote/rural wind farms and bring them to urban areas.

Renewable energy is part of all Texas electricity plans. But some Choose Energy providers only sell green energy plans. Gexa Energy, Green Mountain Energy, and Chariot Energy are among those in that category. Waco agreeing to rely more on green energy at the city level may also signal a larger commitment to more options for renewable energy in the future. 

Find out which renewable energy plans in Waco are available in your neighborhood by entering your ZIP code above and looking for green plans. 

Waco energy for business

Searching for the “best electric company near me” and need some commercial options? You can use Choose Energy to find energy plans for businesses as well. Just call us to speak to an energy expert or fill out this form to reach out about building a custom energy plan for your business.