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Atlanta Gas Light

Natural gas utility in Georgia

About Atlanta Gas Light

Founded in 1896, Atlanta Gas Light is a natural gas utility company that serves over 1.6 million Georgia customers. Unlike many utility companies in a deregulated market, Atlanta Gas Light does not sell to consumers. Instead, you will need to choose a retail supplier, known as a gas marketer in Georgia.

Please note: All rates above are accurate as of 8/3/2020 for ZIP code 30292. Rates may have changed since this date. For the most up to date rates in your area, please enter your zip code above.

Understanding deregulation in Georgia

Deregulation of the natural gas market in Georgia took effect in 1998, allowing retail suppliers to compete for business. Although the word “deregulation” may seem intimidating, it simply gives you the power to choose among multiple suppliers and rate plans.

It’s important to realize that deregulation does not equal a lack of regulation or oversight. In Georgia, the State of Georgia Public Service Commission oversees public utilities. If you can’t resolve a dispute with your supplier, contact the Commission at 1-800-282-5813 or file a complaint online.

How can Choose Energy help?

Choose Energy strives to provide everything you need to understand how deregulation affects you. We can help you choose the retail supplier and rate plan that make sense for your family. Our resources include, but are not limited to:

What is Atlanta Gas Light’s price to compare?

In most places, the local utility company also acts as a supplier for those who do not choose a retail supplier. The “price to compare” is the base charge, or price per therm (100,000 BTUs), which you can then compare to the rates offered by retail suppliers. However, Atlanta Gas Light does not act as a supplier, so there is no price per therm. Instead, you will need to compare local gas marketers’ rates to each other.

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What is the difference between a utility and a supplier?

Atlanta Gas Light is a natural gas utility. If you live in its service area, the company delivers natural gas to your home and maintains the infrastructure. If you experience an outage, you will need to contact it. A supplier, or gas marketer, is the company that sets your rates and bills you each month. You will need to contact your supplier with any billing issues.

Which suppliers are available in Atlanta Gas Light’s service area?

In Atlanta Gas Light’s service area, common suppliers include Constellation, Just Energy, and Georgia Natural Gas. Depending on your exact location, you may have other options as well. Enter your ZIP code above for a full list of gas marketers in your area.

Contact Atlanta Gas Light

If you need to report an outage or emergency, or have any questions about your gas lines, here is how to reach the company:

  • To contact AGL, click here.
  • Customer service number: 1-800-427-5463
  • Outage or emergency number: 1-877-427-4321

Updated: 8/3/2020