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Public Power

Provides electricity and natural gas to residential and commercial customers

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About Public Power

Public Power is an energy supplier with a service area that includes New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Washington D.C. Those states have deregulated electricity, meaning customers may choose a provider other than the local utility.

The company serves many communities through partnerships with providers such as Cincinnati Bell and TXU Energy

To see which Public Power plans are available in your city, enter your ZIP code above. 

Public Power energy plans

Below are some of the plans available: 

Electric 12 Month Standard Fixed Rate

You will pay the same rate for 12 months of service. Your bill will vary only because of usage and changes in utility fees and taxes. There is an early termination fee if you end service before the contract is completed.

Electric 24 Month Standard Fixed Rate

This plan is similar to the 12-month plan. Again, you pay the same rate each month. Your bill will vary only because of usage and changes in utility fees and taxes. There is an early termination fee if you end service before the contract is completed.

Public Power reviews

Public Power is not rated by the Better Business Bureau, but it prides itself as having conscientious customer service. It has several rewards programs that are popular with customers.

Public Power main energy services

Public Power for residential customers

Public Power offers deregulated electric and natural gas services. Plans will vary depending on where you live and what sources of power you need. 

Public Power for business customers

Public Power delivers many energy solutions for businesses of all sizes. Companies can select between fixed and variable rate plans to meet their energy solutions.

Green energy options with Public Power

Public Power supports green initiatives for both homeowners and business owners. The company invests in both solar energy and offers renewable energy incentives. To see which incentives are available to you, enter your ZIP above, then click on the plan details to learn more. 

Other Public Power initiatives

For members who refer people to Public Power, they receive an energy bill rebate. Customers can also earn energy rebates and restaurant gift cards through loyalty incentives. 

Community investment

Public Power has energy aid programs to help low-income families fund their energy costs. Additionally, employees regularly volunteer with the United Way. 

Energy plan FAQs

How does a fixed-rate plan work? With a fixed-rate plan, your rate will remain the same for the time specified in your service contract. Having a fixed rate makes it easier to budget since you know what your price is monthly.

What is a variable-rate plan? A variable-rate plan means your rate can change during your term. Energy rates are subject to change at any time due to market conditions, seasonal variations, load demand, and other factors. It is ideal to see what the average rates are for different parts of the year first before subscribing to a variable rate plan. 

What happens if I move? When you move, our buying guide can answer all the questions you have on choosing a new provider. What’s more, we provide in-depth resources on alternative energy plans like no-deposit or prepaid plan options

Why does Choose Energy run a credit check? Some of our suppliers request a credit check as part of signing up for service with them. If you do not feel comfortable having a credit check run, you could sign up for a no-deposit plan. 

A few things to remember

When signing up for a plan, make sure to read the plan’s documentation, which includes pertinent information such as:

  • Your energy rate, specified in kWh 
  • Renewable energy incentives
  • Any early termination fees that might apply

Enjoy a hassle-free supplier setup. Once your order completes, your new supplier will set up service – but don’t worry, there shouldn’t be any interruption to your power during the switch.

Understanding your electricity bill. Your local utility will still deliver your electricity and maintain electric infrastructures like meters and power lines. Your utility fees will be listed as transmission and/or delivery  charges on your monthly bill. They are independent of your supplier rate.

Contact Public Power

  • Headquarters: Dallas, Texas
  • Customer service: Call 1-888-354-4415
  • Outages: Contact your utility company

Updated: 11/24/20