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Energy Harbor rates, plans, and reviews

Electricity supplier serving customers in Illinois, Maryland, Ohio, and Pennsylvania

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About Energy Harbor

Energy Harbor is an electricity and natural gas supplier based in Akron, OH. Energy harbor is also a generates clean, carbon-free electricity through nuclear plans located in Pennsylvania and Ohio. The company employees about 2,600 workers across 4 states.

Despite operating coal plants, the company says its energy generation is nearly 90 percent carbon free, owing to the four nuclear plant it operates in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Residential electricity supply rates for its plans in the four deregulated states range from 4.69 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) in Ohio to 7.49 cents/kWh in parts of Pennsylvania. Terms are as short as six months and as long as 18 months.

The company serves both residential and business customers. Ready to shop for Energy Harbor electricity rates in your state? Call 1-844-817-1442 to get started.

Energy Harbor energy services

Following are some of the services provided by Energy Harbor in deregulated states:

Energy Harbor for home

When it comes to powering your home, Energy Harbor offers you options so that you can zero in on the right plan for your situation. It offers varied term lengths, fixed rates, and stability. You pay the same price per kWh, regardless of how much electricity you use, and the rate will stay constant throughout the plan term.

Contrast that stability with rates from utilities, which can change several times per year, particularly when the seasons change.

Plus, remember that Energy Harbor generation is nearly 90 percent carbon-free. That means an Energy Harbor electricity plan is a great way to do your part to reduce carbon dioxide levels.

Energy Harbor for business

In addition to other deregulated states it serves for residential energy, Energy Harbor offers plans for businesses in New Jersey and Michigan. Contact the company at 1-844-817-1442 to get a quote for your business.

The company provides power for small businesses, educational institutions, hotels and restaurants, manufacturers and more. Plans include fixed and variable rates, to serve your needs.

Deregulated electricity FAQs

What are fixed- and variable-rate plans?

Fixed-rate plans allow customers to lock in their energy supply rate during the term of the deal. Other parts of the plan, such as your utilities distribution charges and other fees, can change. This type of plan offers the most stability.

Variable-rate plans allow your energy supply rate to change during the plan term.

What is deregulation?

In most U.S. states, residents must get electricity from a utility, which generally also generates the power and distributes it to homes and businesses. Deregulation splits the process between companies that generate or buy electricity and companies that deliver electricity to homes and businesses. Energy Harbor makes electricity at its own plants.

What should I look for in an electricity plan?

Price is important, but it is not the only factor involved. A supplier’s reputation and years in business matters. The length of the contract and the costs to get out of a contract should also factor in your choice. The carbon impact of the supplier’s electricity generation also is worth checking.

What is the Price to Compare?

The Price to Compare is the amount your local utility charges for its electricity supply. You should learn that price and compare it to the electricity supply rate charged by retail energy suppliers that serve your area. If you can beat the utility price, you can sign up with the supplier of your choice.

Additional information about Energy Harbor

Updated: 3/12/2021