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Baltimore Gas & Electric

Electric and natural gas utility in Maryland

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About Baltimore Gas & Electric

For more than 200 years, BGE has been committed to serving its customer’s needs. Rembrandt Peale launched the company in 1816 after lighting the first gas lamp in Baltimore. The current CEO is Calvin G. Butler, Jr., who works alongside a leadership team, including Chief Executive Officer Carim V. Khouzami and Vice President of Technical Services Ajit Apte.

Owned by Exelon, the company provides electricity and natural gas to residential and business customers. Baltimore Gas & Electric serves more than 1.3 million electric customers in a 2,300-square-mile area. That service area includes Baltimore and all or most of central Maryland’s 10 counties.

Understanding deregulation in Maryland

Up until 1999, Maryland-regulated electric utilities were responsible for providing electric customers with distribution, intra-state transmission, and supply services. The Maryland General Assembly passed the Electric Customer Choice and Competition Act of 1999.

That deregulation act resulted in customers being able to purchase electricity from retail electricity suppliers or traditional utilities since 2000. This deregulation gives Maryland customers opportunities to choose the energy supplier they would like to use or switch if they find a better plan or rates.

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What is Baltimore Gas & Electric's price to compare?

Baltimore Gas & Electric uses what’s referred to as price to compare, which is the customer’s default electricity supply rate. Those BGE Maryland electric rates are what customers pay if they opt not to choose a supplier on their own. If customers want to compare electricity rates with competing providers to see if they can get a lower rate, the price to compare rate is the one they’ll use.

Price to compare BGE rates for June 1, 2020, to May 31, 2021, is between 4.778 and 7.157 cents per kilowatt-hour. BGE customers can find these rates in the messages section of their current bill. Enter your current ZIP code above to see whether you can beat Baltimore Gas & Electric’s rate.

What's the difference between a utility and a supplier?

Utility companies in most states, including Maryland, generate electricity and/or natural gas and deliver the commodities to your home through the power and gas lines that they maintain. Customers should call the utility company when there’s a power outage. Customers have no choice of their utility company.

Energy suppliers generate or buy energy and resell it. Because Baltimore is a deregulated area, that means customers can look for the best Baltimore electric rates and choose which supplier they’d like to use.

Which suppliers are available in Baltimore Gas & Electric's service area?

Customers can compare BGE electric rates and plans with other suppliers in their service area. These suppliers include Constellation Energy, Direct Energy, and Spark Energy.

Contact Baltimore Gas & Electric

To report outages, questions about transmission rates, your bill if you purchase energy from Baltimore Gas & Electric, contact them below: