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Baltimore energy rates

Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland and the 26th largest in the United States, boasting 621,342 residents and a metro area of over two million. With a deep-water seaport, Baltimore is a thriving commercial metropolis that requires reliable and affordable energy sources to keep its residential homeowners and commercial entities operating efficiently and economically.

Baltimore energy prices can fluctuate significantly, partly because of seasonal changes. Energy prices in are generally lower in the fall and spring months, and typically higher in the winter and summer, owing to heating and air conditioning demands, respectively. Depending on the provider, Baltimore electricity pricesvary from 8.39 cents to 11.49 cents per kilowatt hour while natural gas rates range from 48.9 cents to 99.9 cents per therm, depending on the supplier.

Baltimore energy deregulation

Maryland enacted deregulation legislation in 1999 to give customers more choices among suppliers. Energy deregulation helps keeps energy rates down by introducing competition into the energy market. Residents and businesses can browse through available suppliers and choose the one that fits their budget and energy needs the best.

Baltimore utility companies & energy providers

Before deregulation, one utility company handled supplying, distributing, pricing, and billing. Now, the utility is in charge only of delivering the energy – whether electricity or natural gas – to your doorstep. A second company is in charge of sourcing and supplying the energy for you. While you can’t change your local utility, you have a choice over your energy supplier.

In Baltimore’s case, BG&E (Baltimore Gas and Electric) is the designated energy creator/distributor. If you’re already receiving a monthly full-service bill from them and you wish to change your supplier after checking online pricing comparisons, they will continue to bill you, but at the new rate you’ve selected with another supplier. If you’re a first-time customer, you’ll be billed directly by the energy supplier you picked. Keep in mind that Choose Energy also partners with the other available suppliers, such as Constellation, Xoom and ConEdison Solutions.

Baltimore renewable energy

The state of Maryland ranks sixth on the LEED scale (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) in the U.S., and Baltimore green energy use is a major contributor to this high standard of conservation consciousness.

For those who wish to embrace renewable energy sources, Choose Energy partners with Oasis Energy and North American Power, who offer affordable green energy plans.

Updated: 4/4/2019