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Last Updated: January 11, 2023

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Moving to a new address?

Waldorf energy rates

Waldorf, Maryland, is a community of 68,000 people situated a short 23 miles outside the nation’s capital. Surrounded mostly by farms, Waldorf is a suburban hub of life in the midst of Maryland’s countryside. Energy rates in Waldorf vary as demands for energy rise and fall with the seasons. With hot, humid summers and cool-to-cold winters that sometimes bring snow, the demand for heating and cooling drives up energy rates in the winter and summer. Rates are generally lowest in the mild months of fall and spring. You can check out natural gas and electricity plans to see what options are available in your area.

Waldorf energy deregulation

Maryland is one of several states that has deregulated its energy markets, Prior to deregulation, the energy market was dominated by a single entity that was responsible for everything, from transmission and delivery to payment and sales for energy. Now that energy deregulation is in effect, the transmission and distribution of energy is still provided by a single utility company, but residents in Waldorf can now choose their own energy suppliers. More companies supplying energy in Waldorf means customers can shop among suppliers to find the best prices and customer service for their energy needs.

Waldorf utility companies & energy providers

Baltimore Gas & Electric Co., also called BG&E, is one of the primary utility companies in Waldorf. No matter your energy supplier, BG&E will still be responsible for delivering the energy to your doorstep. Choose Energy has partnered with some of the best energy suppliers in the area, including ConstellationConEdison Solutions, and XOOM Energy.

Waldorf renewable energy

Although rated as 34th state in current renewable electricity rankings, Maryland is becoming a mover-and-shaker in the realm of green energy, expecting to meet their current renewable energy goals of 1,250 megawatts by 2015. When it comes to renewable energy in Waldorf, Oasis Energy offers affordable, environmentally friendly plans.

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