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Columbia energy rates

Regularly listed on Money Magazine’s annual list of best places to live, Columbia is the second largest community in Maryland with just under 100,000 residents and a number of business and retail outlets. Columbia needs reliable and affordable energy in order to stay warm during the winter and cool during its hot, humid summers.Columbia energy rates range from 8.59 cents per kWh to 11.34 cents per kWh for electricity, which tends to be less expensive in the warmer months. Natural gas prices range from 71.9 cents per therm to 99.9 cents per therm, and they tend to be higher in the winter months.

Columbia energy deregulation

In 1999, Maryland passed a bill to deregulate utility company charges; supply and delivery charges were ‘unbundled’ and consumers were given the choice to purchase their gas and electricity from any company they chose. The local utility company, Baltimore Gas & Electric, remains responsible for delivering the energy through its system, regardless of which supplier the customers buy their power and natural gas from. This ‘energy choice’ program was designed to increase competition and save consumers money each year on their energy needs.

Columbia utility companies & energy providers

When shopping for Columbia energy providers, it is important to know which companies are available to choose from in order to get the best rates and terms. Since deregulation, Baltimore Gas & Electric is still the main utility company in Columbia responsible for distributing energy and natural gas to homes and businesses, maintaining pipes, poles and wiring and responding to emergencies; consumers, however, do not have to purchase their energy from BG&E. Columbia consumers are free to choose their energy providers, and doing a little research can add up to a lot of savings. Energy suppliers that Choose Energy recommends are ConstellationXOOM and ConEdison Solutions.

Columbia renewable energy

Maryland has just scratched the surface when it comes to renewable energy. Both solar and wind power are viable alternatives in the area, but the state ranks 34th in terms of generating renewable energy in Columbia. Still, many consumers are investigating the potential of alternative energy forms; Choose Energy recommends Oasis Energy to get information and have systems installed that can provide great cost savings, while helping the environment.