ConEdison Solutions

Electricity plans for residential and commercial customers. Now part of Constellation® is not affiliated with ConEdison Solutions

The history of ConEdison Solutions. 

The company is based in Valhalla, New York, with offices in MA, NJ, VA, TX, FL, and KS. ConEdison Solutions is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Consolidated Edison, Inc., with a corporate history dating back to 1823. ConEdison Solutions began as Con Edison Gas Marketing, Inc. incorporated in 1993 before transitioning to its current name in 1997.

Popular products of ConEdison Solutions. From fixed- and variable-rate electricity plans to environmentally-friendly renewable energy plans, ConEd Solutions provides you with a wide variety of competitively-priced options to meet your energy needs:

  • Residential electricity supply
  • Residential solar solutions in New York
  • Energy optimization and demand response

Its plans do not include cancellation fees, service charges, or credit checks.

ConEdison also helps businesses of all sizes control their energy costs. Thousands of small business customers are increasing their profitability and reducing risk by shopping around for their energy. ConEdison has special electric plans for small businesses and large businesses as well as natural gas plans for large businesses in New York and New Jersey.

Energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives

ConEdison Solutions offers a wide range of energy-saving and renewable energy solutions.

In addition to providing energy at competitive rates, ConEdison Solution also offers comprehensive and customized energy services that can help you reduce your carbon footprint and save money in the process.

ConEdison Solutions also offers green energy plans consisting of wind and hydroelectric to customers living in Connecticut and New York, costing as little as one cent per kilowatt hour more than electricity produced the conventional way.

When you enroll, green power will be sent to the regional power grid on your behalf, and you will be sent an annual certificate that states exactly how much green power was generated on your behalf.

Residential Service



Commercial Service