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Gaithersburg have you tried deregulation?

Maryland legislators passed energy deregulation laws with the goal of saving customers money on their monthly energy bills. Prior to deregulation, Maryland utility companies had a hold on the energy market and its prices. By deregulating the Gaithersburg energy market, retail suppliers can offer home and business owners competitive rates and incentives to save customers money.

Why switch to deregulated energy?

In addition to monthly energy savings, deregulated energy plans also give customers more stability and consistency in their bills. By signing up with a retail supplier, your energy rate can be fixed for up to three years, no matter how the energy market prices vary. Retail suppliers often offer even more incentives for customers, such as fee-less cancellation.

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Who Provides my Electricity?

Retail Energy Supplier: Supplies power to local utility companies

Local Utility Service: Delivers and maintains power to energy customers

In Gaithersburg, there are three primary utility companies: Baltimore Gas & Electric Co.Potomac Edison Co. and PEPCO. Your home or business’s power is delivered by one of these utilities. Even if you choose to sign up for a deregulated energy plan, your utility is still responsible for delivery and maintenance of your power.

If you choose not to sign up for a deregulated energy plan, no worries! Your local utility will still provide your home or business’s power. However, you will be charged at the utility’s default rate, which can fluctuate month to month with the rise and fall of energy costs.

How does switching work?

The deregulated energy market can seem confusing, but we’re here to help! First, head to the Choose Energy marketplace to research and compare energy rates from deregulated suppliers in your area. Once you’ve found the right plan for you, your job is done! Your new supplier will communicate directly with your local utility to set up its service without any interruptions to your power. If you do experience any outages or other problems, contact your local utility directly.