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Deregulated energy legislation in Maryland is designed to help consumers save money. Prior to deregulation, Bowie’s local utility companies set energy prices for customers. Opening the energy market to retail suppliers encourages competitive pricing and incentive programs, which ultimately benefits Bowie customers. Enter your ZIP above to get insight into rates available in Bowie.

Who provides my electricity?

Regardless of whether you choose a deregulated energy supplier, your local utility will still deliver and maintain the power for your home or business. Your retail supplier makes up the “supply” portion of your bill, which is where you can find information on your energy supply rate. Keep in mind, your local utility charges are not affected by your deregulated rate or supplier contract.

How does switching work?

Switching to a deregulated energy plan is easy at the Choose Energy marketplace. Choose Energy helps you compare rates from deregulated suppliers in your area. Once you’ve chosen and signed up for a plan for your home or business, your work is done! Your new supplier will contact your local utility to set up your service. And don’t worry, there won’t be any interruptions to your power during the switch.

If you do experience an outage or other emergency, contact your utility, not your supplier!

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