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Duquesne Light

Electric utility in the greater Pittsburgh area

For business

About Duquesne Light Company

Serving the Pittsburgh area since the late 1870s, Duquesne Light Company (DLC). operates as the primary electric utility for more than 584,00 residential and business customers in Allegheny and Beaver counties. Across the 817 square miles it serves, DLC maintains the wires, transformers, substation, poles, and other infrastructure requirements needed to ensure it meets the electrical demands of its southwestern Pennsylvania customers. 


Understanding deregulation in Pennsylvania

As one of the states in the country with deregulated energy, Pennsylvania residents have choice around electricity service suppliers. With the ability to choose among a number of energy suppliers as well as their utility, energy costs remain competitive to keep prices down. With the deregulation policy, Pennsylvania residents maintain control over energy bills.

As of June 2020, almost 30 percent of Pennsylvania customers had switched from buying electricity from local utilities to buying it from electricity generation suppliers. So, where do you start? 

For those looking for ways to reduce energy bills and to explore energy cost savings by switching to another supplier, Choose Energy has put together resources you need to do your research. These include:

What is Duquesne Light’s price to compare?

The price to compare is the price you as a consumer use to compare Duquesne Light’s electricity supply costs to those of retail suppliers. The price may be addressed and recalibrated multiple times throughout the year.

As of June 1, 2020, Duquesne’s price to compare is 7.11 cents per kWh.

Enter your ZIP code above and see if you can beat Duquesne Light of Pennsylvania’s rate.

What is the difference between a utility and a supplier?

Understanding the difference between a utility and a supplier and how the two work together can help you feel a little more confident about your choice of energy supplier. 

A utility company such as Duquesne Light delivers electricity to your home and sends you your monthly bill, although in Pennsylvania utilities also can act as your supplier. Duquesne owns and maintains power lines and other electricity infrastructure. If your power goes out, Duquesne Light is the party responsible for making necessary repairs. 

In other words, utility companies deliver the electricity while the suppliers generally provide the energy itself.

Contact Duquesne Light

Remember, if you have an outage or want to report damage to electricity lines or other equipment, you’ll need to contact your utility. Here’s how to reach Duquesne Light:

  • Reach out to the company through its online contact form
  • For general billing queries, residential customers call 412-393-7100 and business customers call 412-393-7300.
  • To report an outage, call 412-393-7000.