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Moving to Pittsburgh? Know your energy rates

With a population just over 305,000, Pittsburgh is Pennsylvania’s second-largest city. Thousands of people move to Pittsburgh every year, and they may not know some important facts about the city. While known for its steel industry roots, the city also serves as a hub for financial, retail and healthcare companies, including American Eagle Outfitters, PNC Financial Services and Bayer USA. As a busy urban center, Pittsburgh benefits from the lower prices that energy deregulation provides. That’s right, Pittsburgh residents have the right to choose energy providers.

The city has a temperate, if somewhat humid, climate. The averages range from the high 20s to the mid-70s, but extreme temperatures reaching above 90 and below zero are not uncommon. Under these variable weather conditions, energy rates tend to be lowest in the spring and higher during December and January. Check out Pittsburgh energy rates and natural gas plans to see what prices and options are available.

Pittsburgh energy deregulation

Pennsylvania deregulated its energy market in 1997. Energy deregulation means that Pittsburgh consumers can choose from a variety of providers instead of relying on a single utility company to sell and deliver energy. With multiple competing companies, energy rates in Pittsburgh have decreased, and customers enjoy benefits, such as variable service duration terms and waived sign-up fees. Consumers who use can make informed decisions and choose the right Pittsburgh energy provider for their needs.

Residents can choose among providers on the basis of price, term length, amount of renewable energy and other options.

Pittsburgh utility companies & energy providers

Duquesne Light Co. is Pittsburgh’s wires company. It maintains the lines, poles and equipment, responds to outages and is in control of energy generation. Pittsburgh energy providers, on the other hand, are responsible for customer-related matters, including deciding rates, billing and payment processing.

In Pittsburgh, Duquesne Light is also an energy provider. It services over a half-million customers in southeastern Pennsylvania. However, residents can also choose from one of the independent providers partnered with Choose Energy, including Oasis Energy and Think Energy.

Pittsburgh renewable energy

Although coal is thought to be the main energy source in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh is rapidly embracing green energy options. Initiatives by the Pittsburgh mayor’s office and organizations such as the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh are working to increase the use of solar panels and other renewable energy sources. To keep up with this growing demand, a number of energy providers offer Pittsburgh renewable energy options, including YEP EnergyNorth American Power and Oasis Energy.