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Allentown energy rates

With a population of 118,053, Allentown is the 22nd largest city in the United States and the second most populous city in the state and is the fastest growing population in Pennsylvania. Not surprisingly, Allentown requires efficient and affordable energy for its residents and businesses.  for efficient and affordable energy for its commercial and residential buildings alike.

Since Allentown experiences summer temperatures as high as the 90s and winter temperatures that go as low as zero, reliable and cost-effective energy for heating and cooling are essential. Energy prices in Allentown vary. Rates are usually lowest from October through December, then prices rise again in January. Check out Allentown energy rates and natural gas plans to see what prices and options are currently available.

Allentown energy deregulation

Pennsylvania deregulated its energy market in 2000, including the Allentown area. One utility provider continues to deliver electricity, but consumers are finally able to purchase energy from a number of available suppliers. They can also choose between variable rate and fixed rate plans as a result of deregulation.

Energy deregulation in Allentown has led to competition between providers. Residents are enjoying lower rates for their energy supply compared to the national average, and each customer has the ability to choose their supplier. Allentown residents also pay a much smaller annual fee for energy.

Allentown utility companies & energy providers

Allentown customers need to know exactly what the energy suppliers and utility (or wires) companies will do for them. Before deregulation, the utility company sold and delivered energy to all residents. After deregulation, the utility provider now only delivers the energy, while independent providers handle sales and payments for Allentown residents.

PPL Electric Utilities is the primary Allentown wires company. PPL Electric Utilities serves 1.4 million people and has won awards for excellent customer service. However, consumers have a list of choices for their Allentown energy suppliers. Choose Energy partners with the best providers around, such as North American PowerOasis Energy, and Think Energy. The best method for finding competitive rates is to review a number of different services offered by different providers.

Allentown renewable energy

Pennsylvania ranks 16th in the United States for electricity generated by renewable resources. Four percent of Pennsylvania’s energy is renewable, and the state’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards require this number to go up to 18% by 2021.

Green energy is an important goal for Allentown, especially if the state is to reach its 2021 goal. While Pennsylvania is not a leader in the green energy agenda, incentive programs are encouraging a greener Keystone State. Pennsylvania also has the potential to benefit from biofuel provided by the state’s 63,000 farms. Additionally, Pennsylvania legislature is consistently working toward making the state more energy efficient with bills such as H.B. 100, which offers energy providers incentives to use at least 15% of renewable resources in energy production. Residents who use one of Pennsylvania’s green energy options help the movement toward a greener state. Choose Energy has paired with reliable Allentown green energy suppliers, such as Spark Energy and Oasis Energy.

Updated: 4/2/2019