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Compare Philadelphia Electric Prices

Written by Saltanat Berdikeeva


Edited by Jamie Cesanek


Last Updated: March 22, 2024

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Philadelphia energy rates

Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania and the birthplace of American democracy. With over 1.5 million residents, Philly is rich in history, arts, and culture, making it an exceptional place to live.

If you live or own a business in the City of Brotherly Love, you’re part of Pennsylvania’s deregulated energy market. That means you can shop for electricity in PA and choose your electricity supplier. Choose Energy’s free marketplace allows you to compare Philadelphia electricity prices to secure the best light company for you. Start browsing Philadelphia electricity rates by entering your ZIP code.

Today’s best Philadelphia electricity rates

Plan NameTerm LengthRate
PA Frontier Secure Power 66 mos.6.99¢
Green 9 Month Fixed Rate9 mos.7.00¢
PA Frontier Secure Power 1212 mos.7.09¢
ClearGuarantee1212 mos.7.09¢
PA Frontier Online Premier - 1212 mos.7.69¢
Electric 12 Month Standard Fixed Rate12 mos.7.89¢
Term Optimized Live Brighter 99 mos.7.99¢
PA Frontier Online Premier - 66 mos.7.99¢
Electric 15 Month Standard Fixed Rate15 mos.7.99¢
ClearGuarantee66 mos.7.99¢
ClearCharge12Plus12 mos.8.09¢
12 Month Home Power Plan12 mos.8.29¢
Live Brighter™ 1212 mos.8.39¢
Live Brighter™ 1818 mos.8.39¢
Safe Harbor 1010 mos.8.39¢
9 Month Home Power Plan9 mos.8.59¢
Electric 24 Month Standard Fixed Rate24 mos.8.99¢
Safe Harbor 3232 mos.9.09¢
Live Brighter 3636 mos.9.19¢
24 Month Home Power Plan24 mos.9.29¢
24 Month Green Home Power Plan24 mos.9.79¢
PA Frontier Online Lock Gas 1212 mos.47.90¢
PA Frontier Online Gas Saver 1212 mos.52.90¢
Live Brighter™ 1212 mos.54.90¢
Live Brighter™ 1818 mos.57.90¢
12 Month Natural Gas Plan12 mos.63.90¢
24 Month Natural Gas Plan24 mos.65.90¢

Please note: All rates above are accurate as of 03/22/2024, 9:30:15 AM CDT for ZIP Code 17302. Rates may have changed since this date/time. For the most up to date rates in your area, please enter your zip code above.

Understanding Philadelphia energy deregulation

In 1997, Pennsylvania began allowing energy customers to choose their own electricity provider, leading to increased competition among Philadelphia electric suppliers. Deregulation gave residents and business owners more options in selecting their power source.

Since then, Philadelphians have been able to search for the lowest electricity rates in PA and the freedom to choose where they buy their electricity. Today, electricity suppliers work hard to earn their customers’ business.

Following the deregulation of electricity, Pennsylvania also deregulated natural gas. This allowed residents and business owners to benefit from lower Philadelphia natural gas prices and providers.

If you live in Philadelphia and need tips on shopping for an electricity plan, Choose Energy is here to help. The following resources can help guide you through the process.

During your research, you’ll discover that many electricity providers in PA require a credit check before enrolling in a new plan. If your credit isn’t great or you can’t afford a deposit, consider purchasing a no-deposit electricity plan. Alternatively, you can sign up for a prepaid electric plan, eliminating the need for a deposit.

Philadelphia utility companies & energy providers

The introduction of deregulated energy freed customers from the requirement to buy electricity from their utility. However, it doesn’t mean that utility companies have disappeared. They continue to play an important role in delivering power to your home. You should contact your utility company for assistance if there is a power outage or a disrupted power line in your area. In Philadelphia, the main utility company is PECO Energy Co.

Thanks to deregulation, Philadelphia electric customers have many options for choosing an electricity supplier. Suppliers buy power from the utility company and sell it to consumers through various electricity plans. If you have questions about your electricity bill or need to make a payment, you should contact your supplier directly.

Some of the biggest Philadelphia electric suppliers are Clearview Energy, Constellation Energy, Frontier Utilities, Public Power,  Spark Energy, Verde Energy, and YEP Energy. You can compare these providers’ rates with the Choose Energy marketplace and sign up for the right plan.

Renewable energy plans in Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, there is a growing interest in producing renewable energy. In 2019, city leaders passed Resolution 190728. This law sets a goal to transition the city to 100% renewable energy by 2050. It also included a mandate for Philadelphia to implement fully renewable electricity across the city by 2035 (if not sooner). 

As the city starts to rely more and more on green energy, Philadelphians will begin to see more renewable energy options available. Right now, Philadelphians that want renewable electricity can find 100 percent renewable options with Verde Energy, Constellation Energy, Clearview Energy, YEP Energy, and Frontier Utilities.

To find out if green energy plans are available in your area, enter your ZIP code at the top of the page.

Philadelphia energy for business

The conversation around energy choice often focuses on homeowners and renters. However, Philadelphia business owners also have the freedom to choose their electricity supplier. Selecting your electricity plan can provide predictability to your business expenses.

At Choose Energy, we can help you create a custom energy plan for your business. Contact an energy expert today by calling the number on your screen or filling out our commercial energy form.

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