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Energy rates in Harrisburg

In the 1990s, Harrisburg was part of the same service area as surrounding cities in Pennsylvania, with energy rates about 15 percent above the norm. The city was well above the national average for electricity use, although there was a large abundance of coal available at a low cost. In 1996, lower energy rates in Harrisburg were promised to consumers through a new utility company, and the amount of energy used throughout the area began to decrease.

Harrisburg energy rates are capped, which ensures that customers’ energy rates will not increase once they choose the main utility company or one of the chain suppliers. Check out Harrisburg energy rates and natural gas plans to see what prices and options are currently available

Harrisburg energy deregulation

Energy deregulation is increasing in popularity due to the rising energy rates from PPL Electric. Energy deregulation in Harrisburg allows consumers to choose from outside suppliers, rather than buying only from the utility company. This gives customers the ability to choose the plan that’s best for them and the provider that they feel meets their energy needs.

While deregulation in Harrisburg can save customers money, customers must ensure that they are familiar with the supplier that they choose when going outside the standard utility company.

Harrisburg utility companies & energy providers

The utility company in Harrisburg, PPL Electric, is responsible for managing the electrical supply and fixing any emergency issues. PPL electric is a former partner of the natural gas supplier PPL, UGI Natural Gas. These two companies not only deliver energy sources, but also take care of customers’ varying needs.

On the other hand, suppliers can provide electricity to residents at various rates, but they are not responsible for specific tasks, such as repairs to electrical wires in the area and have no direct affiliation with PPL Electric. The three main energy suppliers in Harrisburg that are known for low rates are Oasis EnergyThink Energy, and North American Power.

Harrisburg renewable energy

n 2008, Harrisburg became part of the new Alternative and Clean Energy Program. The program set a budget of $165 million and is dedicated to making renewable energy sources available not only in Harrisburg, but also the entire state. Renewable energy in Harrisburg is available in the form of renewable fuels, fuel cells, small hydroelectric supplies, geothermal heat pumps and more. Additional sources of renewable energy in Harrisburg include various energy-efficient appliances and LED lighting sources. As far as electricity providers, AEP Energy is Choose Energy’s preferred green provider.

Updated: 4/2/2019