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Harrisburg energy rates

Harrisburg has a rich history, where it served crucial roles during the Civil War and Industrial Revolution. It is also home to a bevy of attractions, including The State Museum of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex, and The National Civil War Museum.

The state capital of Pennsylvania also has deregulated electricity services. If you are new to the area or searching for cheap electricity in Harrisburg, Choose Energy can help. Our marketplace specializes in helping you find affordable electricity service. We also offer a wealth of resources to help you learn more about how electricity service works, so you feel more comfortable with your decision.

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Harrisburg energy deregulation

In 1996, the Pennsylvania General Assembly passed the Electricity Generation Customer Choice and Competition Act, allowing homeowners and businesses to choose their providers by comparing electricity rates. Initially, the plan only rolled out the power to choose an energy provider to select residents. However, by January of 2001, everyone in the state had the flexibility of energy choice.

After deregulation, homes and businesses across the state paid less for electricity than the national average, with an average electric rate of 10.10 kWh. Along with a lower average energy rate, deregulation opened up access to more plan choices. Now, homeowners and businesses can choose between fixed- and variable-rate plans, flexible term limits, and renewable energy incentives.

You can discover the right Harrisburg electric providers for you at no cost with the Choose Energy marketplace. We offer a variety of services that make shopping for your new Harrisburg energy plan convenient and easy. Along with giving you the tools to compare electric rates in Harrisburg, we deliver helpful resources on:

Harrisburg utility companies & energy providers

As you go about researching your electricity plan, you might come across utilities and providers. Utilities are responsible for distributing power to homes and businesses across Harrisburg. And if you do not choose a provider, they can be the ones who supply your electricity as well. Utilities also are responsible for managing your account, maintaining power lines and cables, and responding to outages.

In Harrisburg, PPL Electric serves most customers. If you experience an outage, you can contact PPL Electric through its website, texting “outage” to “TXTPPL” or by calling them at 1-800-342-5775.

Meanwhile, a supplier will provide electricity to the utility company, this then supplies it to your home or business. There are multiple electric providers to choose from in Harrisburg. Constellation Power, Frontier Utilities, Public Power, and Clearview Energy are some of the options available in your area.

Harrisburg renewable energy

The Keystone State is one of the nation’s leaders in generating electricity from biomass resources. The state also imposed green energy standards, selling at least 18 percent of its retail electricity from renewable energy sources by 2021.

Because the state is shifting towards becoming more green, energy providers are following suit. Clearview Energy is one of the providers in Harrisburg offering 100 percent green-only plans.

You can shop for all the renewable energy plans in your area by entering your ZIP code. Then, click on the plan details to find the best electricity rates in Harrisburg.

Harrisburg electric rates in my area

Electric rates can vary, depending on where you live in Harrisburg. Your electric rate can also depend on the provider you select, the type of electricity plan you need, and the transmission charges and taxes they impose.

To help you break down costs quickly, enter your ZIP code. Doing so allows you to compare electricity rates from all Harrisburg providers available in your area.

Harrisburg energy for business

Energy deregulation also applies to Harrisburg businesses. To learn more about business energy in your area, give our energy consultants a call at 844-288-0613. You can also fill out this business form to receive customized solutions that work for your business.