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Peoples Gas (formerly Equitable Gas)

Compare energy suppliers for Peoples Gas

What is Peoples Gas?

Peoples Gas is a natural gas supplier and is part of Essentials Utilities Inc. It services 17 counties in western Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh. Currently, it services more than 740,000 customers nationwide. It has been in business since 1849, where it began operations in Chicago, Illinois.

Please note: All rates above are accurate as of 12/16/2020 for utility Peoples Gas. Rates may have changed since this date. For the most up to date rates in your area, please enter your zip code above

What is deregulation?

Deregulating means removing restrictions that prohibited some suppliers from servicing an area. In the past, only a few natural gas companies were available to customers, resulting in them having no ability to choose a provider. This lack of choice could also lead to higher natural gas prices since suppliers did not have an incentive to be more competitive.

Deregulation removed that prohibition, allowing more energy suppliers into the area. It means you have the power of choice and can save money on your PA gas rates. On this front, allow Choose Energy to help you. We are an online energy marketplace that compares rates in your area to help you find the best plan for your needs. We also provide resources, which can help you:


What is Peoples Gas price to compare?

When you set up natural gas service, you have the choice of natural gas suppliers. However, if you do not choose a supplier, you default to using Peoples Gas if you live in its service areas. Peoples Gas Pa’s current price to compare rate is $2.3522. This rate is subject to change every year based on a wide variety of conditions. It also means you might end up paying more if you do not choose a supplier.


It is where the price to compare comes in to help you. You can use the rate by Peoples Gas to see if you can find more affordable solutions. And Choose Energy will be happy to help. To see if you can beat Peoples Gas’s rate, enter your ZIP above. 

What is the difference between a natural gas utility and a supplier?

As you shop for service, you might come across natural gas utility companies and suppliers. Suppliers provide the natural gas to homes and businesses within its service area. To accomplish this, they use the pipes and other infrastructure provided by the utility companies. Further, a natural gas supplier will market its services and prices to those living in the area. 

Meanwhile, utilities can supply natural gas, but they also manage the infrastructure of natural gas deployment. That can include making repairs to damaged pipes, responding to gas leak calls, and more. 

Which suppliers are available in Peoples Gas’s service area?

Once you enter your zip, Choose Energy finds suppliers and rates available to you. It also allows you to compare each supplier based on plan types, prices, and other factors. In your area, some of the suppliers include:

Contact Peoples Gas

To report outages, gas leaks, or have any other service-related issues, you can contact Peoples Gas the following ways: 

  • Online:
  • Outage/gas leak phone number: 1-800-400-4271
  • Customer service number: 1-800-764-0111