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Harlingen energy rates

Hot, humid summers and mild winters define Harlingen, Texas, which is in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley and just 30 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. Since it has a hot and humid climate, Harlingen electricity rates are usually the most expensive during the summer months. 

However, rates typically drop during the cooler months, since there is less demand here for heating in southern Texas. The energy market in Texas is deregulated, which means that consumers have the power to choose their electricity providers. 

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Harlingen energy deregulation

In January 2002, the state of Texas deregulated the energy market when the legislature passed Senate Bill SB7. The passage of energy deregulation legislation gave consumers the power to choose when it comes to selecting which energy providers to use. 

Energy deregulation in Harlingen has led to increased competition in the marketplace and has resulted in less expensive rates and more choice for customers. Texas electricity rates are lower for each type of property:

  • Residential electricity rates are 10 percent lower than the national average. 
  • Commercial rates are 23 percent lower. 
  • Industrial rates are 16 percent lower than the national average.

Now, several companies offer competitive rates when it comes to a Harlingen energy choice, and the power to choose a provider rests with the customer. Although only one of the utility companies usually transmits and delivers the energy to a region, energy providers in Harlingen are forced to compete for customers by offering lower rates, better customer service, and other services and features. 

Choose Energy maintains a marketplace of the different utility companies and the electricity rates that they offer. There is no cost to use the marketplace.

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Harlingen utility companies & energy providers

AEP Texas Central, which stands for American Electric Power, services about one million customers in the area. Although deregulation has led to more choice for consumers in who provides their energy, residents in Harlingen must still have their electricity transmitted and delivered by AEP Texas Central.

If you have a power outage, you will still call AEP Texas Central, no matter who you choose to provide your electricity. 

However, customers can choose which energy provider in Harlingen will be responsible for the sales and payment of their utility needs. These include companies such as Constellation, TXU Energy, and 4Change Energy. To find the best energy rates in Harlingen, enter the Harlingen ZIP code to find a list of electricity providers in your area. 

Harlingen renewable energy

Texas ranks first for wind power production and ranks consistently in the top five for solar power. This means that there are several different options for renewable energy in Harlingen and other cities, as renewable energy companies abound.

Consumers have choices when it comes to renewable energy in Harlingen. Green Mountain Energy provides electrical power generated by wind turbines, instead of coal-burning plants, for those customers concerned with the pollution and waste associated with some traditional forms of power generation. 

Another green energy option in Harlingen is Gexa Energy.

Harlingen energy for business

Electricity rates in Texas are deregulated for business as well as residential. Call to speak to an energy expert or fill out this form to connect about building a custom energy plan for your business.