Compare natural gas rates in California

California natural gas choice

In California, you can choose your natural gas supplier. California is one of a dozen states that have energy choice. Join the millions of Americans that have already switched their natural gas suppliers.

Need a good reason to switch suppliers? Californians saved up to 15% on their natural gas bills last year by switching. Enter your ZIP code above to get started.

Who provides my natural gas?

If you choose to take advantage of deregulation, your new supplier will provide the natural gas for your home. The utility company still manages the delivery and upkeep of infrastructure, so if you have any problems or emergencies you should contact them instead of your energy supplier.

What are my energy options in California?

For Californians, energy deregulation means the power to choose who supplies their natural gas. Instead of staying with the utility company residents can decide between competitively-priced plans and find the best fit for their home.

Choose Energy’s 24/7 marketplace allows visitors to compare plans available in their area. To get started:

  1. Enter your ZIP code above.
  2. Compare energy supply plans available and make a selection.
  3. Fill in the application form with your contact info, address, and utility account number.

Click submit and that’s it! The supplier will contact the utility company to make arrangements for the change. The only difference you’ll see is the supplier name and new price on your bill.

California energy deregulation

California first enacted a deregulated energy marketplace in 1996, which took effect two years later. However, from 2000 to 2001 the state experienced an electricity crisis when there weren’t enough power reserves to keep up with demand.

This emergency cause California to suspend its deregulated energy policies. Now, the state’s natural gas market is deregulated, while it’s electric market is not.

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(Last updated 4/25/2019)

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