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Compare natural gas rates in California

California natural gas rates

Natural gas is a deregulated industry in California. That means that consumers have the power to choose their own natural gas suppliers. In addition to a variety of natural gas suppliers available to California residents, there also are multiple plan types. To start shopping for a natural gas supplier in California, you can enter your zip code above and learn about your options.

Energy deregulation in California

In 1996, the California legislature unanimously passed a law to deregulate the energy industry. That 1996 law became the model for deregulation nationwide. But between 2000 and 2001, the state faced an energy crisis due to a reduced supply.

The crisis resulted in rolling blackouts across the state and historically high energy prices. As a result, the state temporarily suspended deregulation. Today, natural gas energy is fully deregulated in California, while electricity is only partially deregulated with severe limitations. You can learn more about energy regulation in California by visiting the California Public Utilities Commission.

Energy plans in California

Because of the deregulation of California’s natural gas industry, consumers have the power to choose the right supplier for their needs. There are some important questions people need to consider before choosing an energy plan.

When you begin shopping for a natural gas supplier, keep in mind that you’ll have some decisions to make. Companies offer a variety of different plan options to make sure it’s a good fit.

  • Fixed-rated plans: A fixed-rate plan is one where your energy rate is locked into your contract, meaning your rate won’t increase during your term length – the number of months your contract lasts).
  • Variable-rate plans: Variable-rate plans are linked to wholesale energy prices, meaning your rate can change from month to month. This type of plan can be advantageous when rates are low, but you may end up with months where you will pay a lot more.
  • No-deposit plans: A no-deposit plan is one where you don’t have to pay an upfront deposit — these plans are usually reserved for people with good credit scores.
  • Prepaid plans: A prepaid natural gas plan is one where the customer pays for a certain amount of natural gas upfront.

If you don’t choose a supplier yourself, you’ll receive your natural gas from your default natural gas utility.

California energy companies

In California, your utility company is the company that manages the delivery and upkeep of infrastructure. Utility companies in California include Pacific Gas and Electric Company, San Diego Gas & Electric, and Southern California Edison.

Your natural gas provider is the company that provides the actual natural gas for your home. Natural gas suppliers in California include XOOM Energy, Commerce Energy, and Spark Energy.

Find the right energy plan with Choose Energy

California’s energy deregulation means that consumers have the ability to choose their own natural gas supplier. With Choose Energy, it’s easy to compare plans in your area and find the right natural gas plan for you. To get started:

  • Enter your ZIP code
  • Compare energy plans
  • Select a plan — then call or sign up online. Either way takes only minutes.
  • Enjoy your plan. Your new supplier will handle the setup

Updated: 11/17/2020

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