Compare natural gas rates in Los Angeles

Los Angeles energy rates

Known as the world’s entertainment capital, Los Angeles has a population of over 3.8 million people and is a cultural, financial, and tourist center. Located in southern California, Los Angeles boasts a bustling urban lifestyle, which means its residents and businesses not only require fair natural gas prices but also quality energy services.

Residents of Los Angeles should know that they pay the least for natural gas during the first three months of the year, while they pay the most from June through August. Hence, it’s vital for people to pay attention to when they sign up for or switch a natural gas plan as energy rates fluctuate every day. Enter your ZIP code above to see what prices and options are currently available.

Los Angeles natural gas deregulation

Beginning in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s after legislation was passed, consumers in California have had the option to choose what company supplies natural gas to their home. Known as deregulation, this change in the energy market encompassed Los Angeles. Now, residents in Los Angeles are not bound to one company for their natural gas. Energy deregulation in Los Angeles has allowed residents the chance to select among numerous southern California suppliers. More options leads to increased competition, which proponents of deregulation believe will decrease natural gas prices (California currently has the 17th highest natural gas prices).

Residents of different neighborhoods of Los Angeles can easily save money on their natural gas bill each year. All they have to do is some research into various plans and prices available and purchase at the right time of the year.

Los Angeles utility companies and energy providers

For Los Angeles residents, having natural gas delivered to their home entails several steps. They must first purchase the natural gas plan. To be delivered, natural gas is gathered at various sources before it’s transmitted to Los Angeles utility companies. Once there, the gas is distributed to Los Angeles residences. The process hasn’t changed since deregulation. It’s just that energy suppliers in Los Angeles now handle consumer purchasing. Since consumers can pick their natural gas supplier, those living in this southern California city can save money. Consumers just have to research local natural gas suppliers, compare rates of various suppliers in their zip code on sites such as Choose Energy, and purchase the best available plan in their Los Angeles area.

Two of the main utility companies in Los Angeles that distribute natural gas are Southern California Gas Company (SoCal Gas) and Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E). PG&E serves more than 15 million and SoCal Gas serves over 20 million, which makes these two of the largest utility zones in California. While people’s utility services in Los Angeles are determined by where they live, their suppliers are not. With so many options, some Los Angeles consumers may not know which plan or what energy supplier to choose. By partnering with only the best energy suppliers in Los Angeles for natural gas, such as XOOM Energy, Choose Energy helps local residents get quality natural gas at great prices. Commerce Energy is another reliable Choose Energy partner that supplies natural gas.

Los Angeles renewable energy

In terms of renewable energy, California sets the bar for its use of geothermal energy to produce electricity, ranking second in overall green energy generation, and second for which state uses the least energy per capita.

Los Angeles makes going green a priority, too. No other city in the United States has more energy efficient buildings. Additionally, Corporate Knights (a Canadian media firm) places Los Angeles 23rd overall in its ranking of America’s greenest metropolises. If residents want to use green energy at home, they can find trusted Los Angeles renewable energy suppliers such as Spark Energy through Choose Energy.

Updated: 4/3/2019