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Peoria energy rates

Peoria is the largest city on the Illinois River and has the third-largest population of any city in the state, with over 115,000 residents. With hot, humid summers and freezing cold winters, the availability of affordable energy prices in Peoria is critical for residents and businesses here.

Peoria energy rates in slightly vary from one provider to the next. For customers who sign up for yearly contracts, the price for electricity ranges from 6.29 to 8.49 cents per kilowatt-hour.

Peoria energy deregulation

Thanks to the Electric Service Customer Choice and Rate Relief Law of 1997, Peoria customers can choose their energy provider. This law came about because Illinois residents were paying some of the highest energy rates in the country. After a 10-year rate freeze ended, the door was opened for competition, so several new energy providers entered the picture.

Residents can opt to receive electric service from Ameren or they can choose an alternative supplier, known as an Affiliate Retail Electric Supplier (RES). Alternative suppliers, or RES, must be certified with the Illinois Commerce Commission and register before they can begin providing energy to customers.

Peoria utility companies & energy providers

Ameren Illinois is the main utility service zone for Peoria. Many people get confused about the difference between the electric utility company and the Affiliate Retail Electric Supplier (RES). The electric utility companies in Peoria delivers the energy, while the RES sources and supplies it.

When considering RES options that service Peoria, Choose Energy has partnered with First Energy and AEP Energy. These companies offer great service and a reliable energy supply. An estimated three-quarters of the energy used in the state is provided by RESs. Residents choose the alternative suppliers for many reasons, including possible lower rates, additional services offered and environmentally friendly sources of power.

Peoria renewable energy

Illinois is a wind energy leader, ranking fourth among all states for its wind power capacity. The state also ranks high for its ethanol and biodiesel production capacities.

Switching to an energy supplier that uses renewable energy sources allows residents to power their homes with wind or solar energy. Plus, customers can often take advantage of tax incentives and other discounts when they purchase electricity from a renewable energy producer. Choose Energy has partnered with Clearview, a supplier offering green energy in Peoria.