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Akron energy rates

Akron is Ohio’s fifth most populous city, with 701,000 people in its metropolitan area. The urban setting and high population mean that there is a large demand from residents and companies for energy that is inexpensive and efficient.

Receiving the best energy prices in Akron will depend on what time of year that the plan is purchased. Typically, prices are most expensive during the middle of the year (May through July) and cheapest during the end and beginning of the year (November through January). Check out Akron energy rates and natural gas plans to see what prices and options are available right now.

Akron energy deregulation

The approval of deregulation legislation in Ohio in 2001 transformed the energy industry for much of the state, including Akron. This means that although one utility service continues to deliver, consumers can purchase their energy from among a host of companies.

Energy deregulation in Akron helps the consumer because it provides an opportunity to shop for the best plan. Companies are forced to compete for the business of residents. Hence, the Akron area has consistently had lower electricity prices than the national average. Through research and price comparison, residents can obtain the best service available and reduce electricity costs.

Akron utility companies & energy providers

Before deregulation began, the wires company in Akron — also known as a utility service — generated, transmitted, delivered and sold the electricity to all residents. Since deregulation, energy providers in Akron now facilitate sales and billing, while the utility service still handles the process of distributing electricity from the power plant to residences.

Ohio Edison, the primary utility service area in Akron, is part of the First Energy company and is one of the Buckeye State’s largest utility companies. Consumers don’t have a choice of utility companies, but they can choose their suppliers. Since many residents do not know the different suppliers very well, it can be difficult to determine which one features the best plans. Choose Energy has made that process easier by partnering with preferred energy suppliers in Akron, such as North American PowerAEP Energy, and Constellation.

Akron renewable energy

Ohio has achieved success in the green energy sector. In 2011, the Buckeye State increased its capacity for wind energy from below 9 megawatts to over 110 megawatts. Only one state outpaces Ohio in solar panel manufacturing. Additionally, in the amount of green jobs, the state ranks in the top six in America.

Akron has also executed strategies to make the city greener. The Akron Transit Center, which is located in the downtown area, is powered by solar energy and uses recycled rainwater. Additionally, in 2009, the city established the Greenprint for Akron program in order to make the area more sustainable. Residents can use green energy in Akron as well. Choose Energy works with preferred green suppliers, like AEP Energy.

Updated: 4/4/2019