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Compare electricity rates in Dayton

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Dayton energy rates

Located in southwestern Ohio, Dayton has a population of roughly 141,500 in the city and over 840,000 in the total metropolitan area. Dayton’s climate varies throughout the year as the city experiences cold winters and humid summers. The combination of the climate and urban population makes the need for high-quality, reasonably priced energy very high.

Dayton energy prices change each month. In general, energy rates in Dayton are lowest in December and January, but highest in June and July. Check out Dayton energy rates and natural gas plans to see what prices and options are currently available.

Dayton energy deregulation

Ohio passed deregulation legislation in 2001. This included deregulation for Dayton and surrounding areas in the Miami Valley. Prior to deregulation, consumers were not given the option to choose a supplier. Now, residents can select among many different suppliers. This directly benefits customers because it stimulates competition among various providers, which helps to keep energy prices at a reasonable level.

Purchasing an energy plan is now similar to comparison shopping. By comparing plans and researching trends, consumers can get a better, more affordable plan. Residents can even choose their plan length and switch providers if necessary.

Dayton utility companies and energy providers

Before deregulation, the utility service — or wires company — delivered and sold electricity. After deregulation, the utility service maintained responsibility for the delivery of electricity, while energy providers in Dayton became responsible for selling energy plans.

Due to the complex nature of transmitting electricity from a power plant to a residence or business, there is still only one utility company in Dayton. As one of the largest utility companies in Ohio, Dayton Power and Light has a service territory of approximately 6,000 miles and over 500,000 consumers. Residents within Dayton Power and Light’s service region must have their electricity delivered by that utility company. For energy suppliers in Dayton, though, residents have more than one option. However, with several different choices, it can be difficult to know which company provides quality services. Choose Energy has established relationships with the most reliable providers in Dayton like Public Power to help make the shopping process less confusing.

Dayton renewable energy

While Ohio does not place as high as some states in green rankings, the Buckeye State is a manufacturing hub for renewable energy. Overall, only one state manufactured more solar panels than Ohio. In 2011, the state increased its wind energy capacity tenfold as well.

Like the state of Ohio, the city of Dayton has made strides to become greener. In 2007, the city implemented the Sustainable Practices Policy in order to research and establish better methods of conserving resources and energy. The effect of this policy can be seen throughout the city, from the use of LED traffic lights to the increasing number of bike paths. If residents want to go green, they can use renewable energy in their home.