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Cleveland energy rates

Cleveland has a metro population of nearly 2.07 million and is located near Lake Erie in northeastern Ohio. There are four distinct seasons in the city, and its climate ranges from cold and snowy in the winter to hot and humid in the summer. The climate, urban lifestyle and large population create a residential and commercial need for efficient, fairly priced energy.

Over the course of a year, energy prices in Cleveland fluctuate. In general, consumers can get the cheapest rates at the end and the beginning of the calendar year; in late spring and early summer, prices are highest. Check out Cleveland energy rates and natural gas plans to see what prices and options are available.

Cleveland energy deregulation

In 2001, Ohio deregulated Cleveland’s energy market. For residents, this made purchasing an energy plan similar to shopping for anything else. Consumers can research various providers, compare plans and services and even change suppliers. This guarantees that customers always get the lowest market rate.

Before energy deregulation in Cleveland was approved, residents could not choose their supplier. Now, a pool of companies compete against each other for the business of Cleveland consumers. The idea is that competition is good for customers because it reduces costs and improves services.

Cleveland utility companies and energy providers

Residents should understand the services that energy providers and utility companies in Cleveland provide. Previously, one Cleveland utility, or wires company, handled all facets — creation, transmission, distribution and sales — of the energy industry. Now, the utility company continues to deliver energy while independent energy companies are responsible for selling energy plans to consumers.

The Illuminating Company, which is a First Energy company, is one of two utility companies in Cleveland. It is also one of the largest utility companies in the Buckeye State. There are numerous energy providers, though, so it can be challenging to find the best plan. Choose Energy works with only the most trusted suppliers, such as AEP EnergyConstellation and North American Power, to make it easier for consumers to select an energy supplier.

Cleveland renewable energy

Ohio has made great strides in the renewable energy sector, especially in terms of green jobs and solar panel production. The Buckeye State ranks sixth in jobs in the renewable energy industry and second in the production of solar panels.

Cleveland has been a leader within the state in renewable energy and green living. On bids to do business within city limits, the government gives discounts to small local enterprises that use environmentally conscious methods. Sustain Lane, a company that produces sustainable living guides, ranked Cleveland number two in America in local foods. For urban farming practices, Travel and Leisure Magazine has also honored the city for being among the “World’s Most Visionary Cities.” Residents can also have green energy delivered to their home.

Updated : 4/3/2019