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Compare electricity rates in Cleveland

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Cleveland energy rates

Cleveland is the second-most populous city in Ohio, with about 385,000 residents. The entire Cleveland metropolitan area, located on the southern shore of Lake Erie, is home to more than two million Ohio residents.

Like the rest of Ohio, Cleveland residents enjoy a deregulated energy market and can choose their own electricity provider. If you are a Cleveland energy consumer, enter your ZIP code above to find electricity plans and prices available in your area.

Cleveland energy deregulation

Prior to deregulation, the electricity market in Ohio relied on a few monopolies that were overseen by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). Ohio lawmakers voted to deregulate the state’s energy industry through the passage of Senate Bill 3 in June 1999. Since then, consumers in the state have had the freedom to shop around for electricity and choose their own provider.

The Choose Energy marketplace helps residents find energy plans and prices available in their area. We’ve also compiled a few resources to help you learn more about deregulation:

Cleveland utility companies & energy providers

A utility company delivers your electricity to your home. Utility companies also install and maintain the electric infrastructure and respond to calls about outages and downed power lines. Consumers who don’t choose their own energy provider will receive service from their local utility. The utility company for Cleveland, OH residents is Cleveland Public Power.

An energy provider supplies the electricity that is delivered to your home. Popular energy providers available in Cleveland include Constellation and Public Power.

Cleveland renewable energy

Like many other states, Ohio is working toward relying more heavily on green energy. In 2019, renewable energy accounted for almost 3 percent of the state’s electricity generation, with most of it coming from wind power.

For Cleveland residents interested in renewable energy, Constellation offers a Green Home Power Plan, which is sourced by 100 percent green energy. To see if one of these green energy plans is available in your area, enter your ZIP code in the box above.

Cleveland electric rates in my area

Electricity rates vary depending on where you live, largely as a result of the utility transmission charges. If you live in Cleveland and want to find out what electric rates are available in your area, we can help. Enter your ZIP code above for a list of Cleveland plans and prices in your area.

Cleveland energy for business

It’s not just individual consumers who benefit from deregulation in Ohio. Businesses in Cleveland can also choose their own energy providers. Are you a business owner interested in learning more about choosing your energy plan? Call 844-288-0613 to speak to an energy expert or fill out this form to connect about building a custom energy plan for your business.