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Toledo energy rates

As the fourth largest city in the Buckeye State, Toledo boasts over 284,000 people in its city and over 651,000 in its metropolitan area. The urban-based population requires efficient, inexpensive energy to satisfy residential and business demand. The climate, with hot summers and cold winters, augments this need.

Energy prices in Toledo rise and fall throughout the year. During the middle of the year, from May through August, prices rise; during the end of the year, from November through January, prices decline. Consumers get the best energy rates in Toledo during the early winter. Check out Toledo energy rates and natural gas plans to see what prices and options are currently available.

Toledo energy deregulation

Deregulation began for the state of Ohio in 2001 and include the Toledo area. Energy deregulation in Toledo allows for competition in the energy market for businesses and consumers. While one utility service still generates and delivers electricity to residences, customers can now select which company handles electricity pricing and billing for them.

The legislation aims to drive energy prices down by stimulating competition among many different suppliers. Residents can compare the various services, rates and plan lengths offered by companies and make a decision that saves them money. Before the approval of deregulation, one utility provider handled everything, and customers could not choose their provider.

Toledo Utility Companies & Energy Providers

While utility companies in Toledo continue to deliver electricity, they are no longer responsible for handling the sales aspect of the process. Because the distribution of electricity requires a large, complex infrastructure, one utility company, or wires company, in Toledo still retains sole control. Toledo Edison Company is the city’s primary utility and serves much of northwestern Ohio.

While residents of Toledo are not able to choose their wires company, they can select their provider. Deregulation has created competition, and many consumers do not know much about the wide range of supplier companies. Choose Energy helps customers get the best energy plan by partnering with only the most trusted energy providers in Toledo, such as North American PowerAEP Energy, and Constellation.

Toledo green energy

Ohio may not rank as one of the greenest states in the United States, but the Buckeye State is a production center for green energy. In solar panel production, Ohio places second in the country. Additionally, only five states have more green jobs.

Toledo has also established strategies to become a more environmentally friendly city. In 2012, the Better Buildings Program saw that 40 city-owned properties underwent upgrades in energy efficiency. Moreover, the region has implemented the Going Beyond Green initiative in order to improve all aspects of sustainability for Toledo and Lucas County. Residents of Toledo can use green energy in their home as well. Choose Energy has partnered with preferred Toledo green energy suppliers, including AEP Energy.

Updated: 4/4/2019