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What is the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio?

Founded in 1867, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) educates Ohio consumers on energy choice and certifies competitive electricity and natural gas suppliers to ensure the suppliers have met strict requirements for doing business in Ohio. They also host Apples to Apples, a tool that consumers can use to compare electric and natural gas options.

Why choose a new natural gas or electricity supplier?

To understand energy choice, it helps to take a close look at your electricity bill. Delivery and supply charges are the two main line items on your bill. Delivery charges correspond to the cost of delivering electricity to your home through power lines (or natural gas through pipelines). Supply charges correspond to the cost of the energy you consume and are usually shown as the price per kilowatt-hour for electricity or Mcf or Ccf for natural gas.

Since Ohio deregulated in 2001, over 4.2 million households and over a quarter million businesses in Ohio have taken advantage of energy choice. Consumers in Ohio, from large industrial plants to residential households, have the ability to shop around for their electricity and natural gas supply.

How is Choose Energy different than Apples to Apples?

Choose Energy also enables you to compare electric and natural gas suppliers, but our easy-to use online marketplace offers additional benefits.

  • Compare and shop all in one place: With, you can compare plans, see actual rates in real time and make the switch all in one place. With Apples to Apples in Ohio, you can compare plans, but that’s about it.
  • Shop only the best plans: There may be hundreds of plans available to you, so how do you sort through them all? We vet all of the plans on our site so you discounted teaser rates and we give our customers the opportunity to rate their experiences with suppliers, so you can shop smart.
  • Find unique rates you can’t find anywhere else: Thanks to our strong relationships with suppliers, we can even negotiate special rates for our customers.
  • Find the option that fits your lifestyle: Whether it’s saving money, or going green, we make it easy to sort through your options.
  • Get the support you need: Choose Energy provides ongoing support and even notifies you when your plan is about to expire so you can avoid price increases.

What are customers are saying

Had it not been for Choose Energy, I would not have been able to get such a low rate with other great benefits too.

Linda, Madison, OH

I saved and now I have a great rate!

Walter, Maria Stein, Ohio

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