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Electricity Maine

Residential electricity supplier in Maine

For business

About Electricity Maine

Electricity Maine is a retail electricity provider serving customers across the Central Maine Power and Versant Power utility service areas. Based in New England, Electricity Maine is a part of the Provider Power family, along with ENH Power and Provider Power Mass.

More than 60 percent of the Maine electricity market is deregulated, meaning residents and businesses can choose their energy provider from a pool of candidates. Electricity Maine is one of seven electric providers in the Maine energy market and offers fixed rate plans lasting from six to 24 months, as well as renewable energy plans.

To learn more about available Electricity Maine energy plans and rates in your area, enter your ZIP code above.

Electricity Maine energy plans

Worry Free 24 plan

With the Worry Free 24 plan, you will receive a fixed rate for the duration of your 24-month contract. Fixed rate plans offer protection from fluctuations in the energy market and lock in a single rate that you will pay each month.

Worry Free 12 plan

The Worry Free 12 plan is similar to the Worry Free 24 plan except that the contract length is only 12 months. This plan provides a fixed rate throughout the contract and may be a better fit for consumers in search of a shorter contract length.

Simple Power 6 plan

Consumers who sign up for this plan will receive a fixed rate for the duration of the contract. This plan’s contract length is six months, making it ideal for Electricity Maine customers in search of a short-term option. Additionally, the Simple Power 6 plan does not charge a monthly service fee.

Simple Power 12 plan

Like the Simple Power 6 plan, this option provides a fixed rate for 12 months. The Simple Power 12 plan also does not charge a monthly service fee and will guarantee that you pay a set rate throughout your contract length.

Electricity Maine review

The Choose Energy team tries to evaluate energy companies to help our customers make informed decisions. You can see the full list of provider reviews here.

We haven’t finished our evaluation of Electricity Maine yet, and it is not accredited or rated by the Better Business Bureau. However, its parent company, Provider Power, holds an A rating from the BBB. While Electricity Maine is not BBB accredited, Choose Energy only works with trustworthy providers. We’ve done our homework to make sure you can rely on Electricity Maine and will have a full review of the company available in the future.

Electricity Maine core energy services

Electricity Maine for home

Electricity Maine offers Maine residents fixed rate plans lasting between six and 24 months. Energy consumers in the Central Maine Power and Versant Power utility service areas can compare contract lengths, rates, or renewable energy options to find the electricity plan to fit their needs.

Electricity Maine for business

Electricity Maine provides electricity plans to small and large businesses in the New England area. Through offering affordable and reliable energy plans to businesses, Electricity Maine strives to help business owners manage their bottom line.

Electricity Maine service areas

  • Central Maine Power. This service area covers regions in central and southern Maine, including Portland, Augusta, Belfast, Dover, and Fairfield.
  • Versant Power. This service area spans over five counties, including cities such as Alton, Pembroke, Franklin, Bowerbank, and Whiting.

New England electricity rates FAQ

What types of energy plans are available?

There are several types of plans and rate structure you may find while searching for an electricity plan. The most common options include fixed rate and variable rate plans.

  • Fixed rate. With a fixed rate plan, you will pay a set rate for the electricity you consume each month. This rate will be set in your contract and will not fluctuate regardless of changes in the energy market.
  • Variable rate. With a variable rate plan, the rate you pay for electricity will change based on fluctuations in the market. This means you could pay a lower rate when demand is low but may see higher rates when the energy supply runs low.

There are also various kinds of rate structures within these plan types. Not all fixed rate plans are the same, just as variable rate plans differ from plan to plan. For a deeper dive into plan types and how to choose between them all, see our guide.

Does Choose Energy run a credit check?

Yes. Credit checks are a normal part of the energy buying process. Most providers require a credit check before they will begin service. If you want to avoid a credit check, prepaid electricity plans may be a good option, although rates may be more expensive.

Will I need to pay a deposit?

It’s possible. Each provider assesses deposits based on your credit score. Customers who pass a certain credit threshold set by the provider may not be required to pay a deposit. When you select a plan, we’ll notify you if a deposit is needed to begin service. If you’re interested in a no-deposit option, prepaid plans are a popular choice. See our deposits page for more information.

What if I am moving?

When you move, you can choose to take your electricity service with you to your new home or switch to a different provider without being charged an early termination fee. If you choose to switch, you can shop for a new provider up to 90 days before your moving date. Most homes have smart meters installed, so you won’t need to schedule a technician visit. Learn more on our moving page.

What do I do if I want to switch providers?

Switching to a different provider is easier than it may seem. Before you switch, it’s important to check if you will be charged an early termination fee, which is common for fixed rate plans. Variable rate plans typically allow customers to switch at any time without a termination fee. If your plan is about to end, you can switch to a new provider up to 14 days before the end of your contract without being charged a fee. For more information, see our guide to switching.

Additional information about Electricity Maine

  • Headquarters: Houston, TX
  • Bill pay: Log in to your Electricity Maine account here.
  • Customer service: Call 1-800-575-2390
  • Outages: Contact your utility company