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Central Maine Power

Maine Electric Company

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About Central Maine Power

Central Maine Power is a utility company servicing more than 636,000 customers in central and southern Maine, including cities like Portland and Augusta. The company is a subsidiary of AVANGRID, which services 2.2 million customers in the Northeast. 

Central Maine Power was initially founded in 1910, and the company joined the AVANGRID company after a 2015 merger.

Understanding energy deregulation in Maine

In 1997, Maine’s government passed a law to restructure the state’s electric industry. Among other things, the legislation opened up the industry to competition starting March 1, 2000. Since this deregulation, Maine residents have had the power to choose their own electricity supplier.

To learn more about choosing an energy supplier in a deregulated market, check out some of our resources below:

What is Central Maine Power’s price to compare?

When consumers in deregulated states don’t actively choose their own electricity supplier, they receive their power from the local utility company by default. The price to compare, also known as the standard offer price, is the price they pay for that service. Central Maine Power’s standard offer rate starting January 2021 is 6.45 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh).

Customers can save money when a private energy company offers a lower rate than the standard offer rate. Enter your zip code above to see if any of the company’s in your area beat Central Maine Power’s rate.

What is the difference between a utility and a supplier?

A utility is a company that maintains the energy infrastructure in a community and delivers electricity to its residents. Central Maine Power is the utility company for many of Maine’s residents. In states with a regulated energy industry, all residents receive their power from their local utility.

Because Maine has a deregulated energy industry, residents can choose their own energy supplier. These companies supply the energy that is delivered to someone’s home. Even in areas with energy deregulation, the utility company is still responsible for delivering the power, maintaining the infrastructure, and responding to outages.

Which suppliers are available in Central Maine Power’s service area?

Residents in Maine have many options when it comes to their electricity supplier. Thanks to deregulation in the state, customers can choose to either receive the standard offer service from their utility or choose one of the private electricity suppliers, which include:

Enter your zip code above to learn more about the suppliers and rates available in your area.

Contact Central Maine Power

Do you need to contact Central Maine power to report an outage or ask a question about your service? Here’s how you can contact the company:

  • Call 800-696-1000 for outages
  • Call 800-750-4000 for customer service
  • Call 800-565-3181 for commercial customer service
  • Fill out an online form
  • Email the company directly
  • Payments: CMP, P.O. Box 847810, Boston, MA 02284-7810
  • Customer Service: CMP, 83 Edison Drive, Augusta, ME 04336
  • Corporate office: CMP, 83 Edison Drive, Augusta, ME 04336