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About Central Maine Power

Founded in 1899, Central Maine Power delivers electricity to over 600,000 residences and business in Southern Maine, including Augusta, Portland, Lewiston, Rockland, and Farmington. Its service area contains roughly 80% of Maine’s population and the vast majority of its major centers of business and industry.

Central Maine Power "Price to Compare"

If you haven’t chosen an independent electricity supplier, you will receive a “Standard Offer” service assigned by the state’s Public Utility Commission. You can find that rate below. This rate is your “Price to Compare.” You can use it to make an apples-to-apples comparison between the “default” plan offered by your utility and those offered by energy suppliers. If another supplier’s price per kilowatt is lower than the “Price to Compare,” you can save the difference by switching.

If possible, you should avoid the “default” energy service, since you will likely pay a higher rate than you would with an independent energy supplier. The Standard Offer rate for medium and large business customers changes monthly. These rates include only the cost of producing the electricity. There are additional costs for delivering the energy, which will remain the same whether you sign up with an energy supplier or not.

Report an outage

To report power outages or downed power lines, you should call Central Maine Power’s customer service at the number listed below.

Central Maine Power Company (CMP)
83 Edison Drive
Augusta, ME 04336

Updated: 4/3/2019