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Champion Energy

Residential and commercial energy supplier

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About Champion Energy

If you’re looking for a new energy provider, Champion Energy could be a company you consider. It is a Houston-based provider and a growing retail electric providers in the United States. Champion Energy is a Calpine Company.

Champion Energy was founded in 2005 and serves residential, governmental, commercial and industrial customers in deregulated electric energy markets across the U.S. The company promises straightforward pricing and claims a reputation for maintaining the highest levels of satisfaction with its customers.

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Champion Energy energy plans

Champ Saver

This is Champion Energy’s “generic” plan. It offers fixed Champion Energy rates for whichever contract length you choose. For instance, the company has contract terms ranging from 1 month to 3 years, but the Champ Saver-12 plan has the most users.

Champ Silver

The Champ Silver plan is for customers ages 60 and over. With this plan, seniors get a special discount and typically a longer term contract, so that they don’t need to continuously shop for a different plan. Customers who sign up for more than two years get free LED bulbs and other perks.

Free Weekends + 5% Cash Back

If you’re out of the house most of the week and like to spend time in your home on the weekends, then this plan might be right for you. You’ll get a locked-in rate for 24-months, with free electricity on weekends and a 5 percent discount on monthly bills.

Green Energy Plans

Do you want to work towards greener electricity for everyone? Then you can opt for one of Champion Energy’s Green Energy plans. At the moment, part of every person’s electricity comes from renewable energy sources, and more renewable sources are added to the grid as they become available.

Champion Energy reviews

Champion Energy has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. It also has good marks on the scorecard compiled by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas. We have not fully reviewed Champion Energy on

However, it’s worth searching for additional general electricity reviews to get an understanding of the company.

Champion Energy main energy services

Champion Energy for residential customers

Champion Energy offers multiple plans at fixed rates. Customers can plan budgets knowing that usage will be the only monthly variable.

Champion Energy for business customers

Champion Energy plans exist also for business customers. These plans are customized for a company’s needs.

Green energy options with Champion Energy

Green Energy-12 and Green Energy-24 and the two 100% renewable energy plans that Champion Energy offers. Other plans also have green energy options.

Community investment

As part of Calpine, Champion Energy made a $200,000 donation benefiting the Houston Food Bank, and works within the community to clean up parks, plant trees, and hold food drives. Champion Energy also runs a scholarship program.

Texas energy plan FAQs

  • What happens if I move? You have options. If your provider offers service at your new address, you can simply move service. You also can end a contract with no early termination fee if you provide proof of your new address.
  • What is a fixed-rate plan? If you’re someone who likes to budget, then you might want to consider a fixed-rate electricity plan over a variable-rate plan. A fixed-rate plan gives you the option to lock-in your rates, which won’t change regardless of whether or not the cost of energy changes. The only variables are usage and any legal or regulatory changes.
  • What is a variable-rate plan? The other type of plan you can get is a variable-rate plan, which is essentially the opposite of a fixed-rate plan. This plan will have energy costs which will fluctuate based on the market. A variable plan is ideal for people who want more flexibility with their contract. There are many different types of plans worth knowing about, such as a prepaid plan.
  • Why does Choose Energy run a credit check? Most providers run a credit check before beginning your service. This helps them determine whether or not you’ll have to put a deposit down or not. Choose Energy runs a soft check that won’t hurt your credit score.
  • Who do I call if there’s an outage? Due to your power to choose, you are not locked into one provider when it comes to choosing your plans. But, that’s not necessarily who you contact in the case of our power outage. Utility companies, also known as TDU (local transmission and distribution utility) are in charge of power infrastructure, lines, poles, and meters and they are the ones you call in case of an emergency. If you experience a power outage with Champion Energy, report it to your utility company in your service area.

A few things to remember

Don’t forget to read your plan’s Electricity Facts Label before signing up. It contains important information including:

  • Price per kilowatt-hour based on usage
  • % renewable energy sourcing
  • Early termination fees

Enjoy hassle-free supplier setup. Once your order has been confirmed, your new supplier will set up service with your utility, or transmission and distribution service provider (TDSP) – but don’t worry, there shouldn’t be any interruption to your power during the switch.

Understanding your electricity bill. Your local TDSP will still deliver your electricity and maintain electric infrastructure including meters and power lines. Your utility fees can be found as TDU or TDSP charges on your monthly bill. They are independent of your supplier rate.

Contact Champion Energy

  • Headquarters: Houston, Texas
  • Bill pay: Log into your Champion Energy account here or call 1-877-653-5090
  • Customer service: Call 1-877-653-5090
  • Outages: Contact your utility company

Updated: 11/24/20