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Lowell energy options

With a population of nearly 107,000 people, Lowell is the fourth largest city in Massachusetts. As a northeastern city, Lowell receives over double the annual average snowfall as the average American city. Cold winters and an urban setting combine to form a crucial need for an excellent energy industry.

Lowell energy prices vary monthly. In general, rates rise from April until late May, July until late August, and late October through early January. Once winter has arrived, prices level from the middle of January through late February. Prices decline from late February through March, late May through June, and late August through the middle of October. Purchasing a plan at the right time can save money for consumers. Check out current Lowell energy rates and compare the plans available in your area.

Lowell energy deregulation

On March 1, 1998, the Massachusetts government deregulated the energy industry. While one utility company still controls transmission and distribution services, deregulation has allowed competition among various energy suppliers, who compete to sell that energy to customers. Lowell residents can now research different supplier companies, compare rates and services, and choose the plan that suits them best.

The idea behind deregulation is that competition among suppliers will drive down prices as companies seek to encourage customers to choose them over other companies. This, in turn, saves consumers money, as they can shop for inexpensive rates and reliable energy contract terms.

Lowell utility companies & energy providers

Before the energy industry shifted to deregulation, one utility service, referred to as a wires company, managed the entire process, which included energy transmission, distribution and sales. Since the change, the wires company in Lowell still transmits and distributes electricity to local residences, but various suppliers currently sell plans to consumers. With several different energy providers in Lowell, consumers can choose the company that meets their needs.

National Grid (Massachusetts Electric) is Lowell’s primary utility service area. Serving over 1.2 million consumers in the Bay State, this utility service belongs to the larger National Grid company. While residents of Lowell cannot select their utility service, they can shop for supplier services. With several different Lowell energy suppliers, choosing the best plan is not easy. Choose Energy has entered partnerships with quality local providers like Constellation and Clearview Energy to make it less difficult.

Lowell renewable energy

In 2013, 9.3% of the electricity produced in the state came from green sources. Massachusetts is among the best in economic output per kilowatt-hour of electricity consumed.

The city of Lowell has been recognized as a “Green Community” in Massachusetts and has obtained capital to increase clean energy production, especially wind power. The Lowell Center for Sustainable Production is a part of the University of Massachusetts-Lowell and has been influential in promoting environmentally conscious strategies for the city. Residents can also bring green electricity to their homes. Choose Energy has a partnership with Clearview Energy, a trusted Lowell renewable energy supplier.