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Comcast Energy Rewards

Residential electricity and natural gas plans

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About Comcast Energy Rewards

Comcast partnered with Everyday Energy to create Energy Rewards, which offers clean, renewable energy plans that you can feel good about. Energy Rewards is available to existing Comcast residential customers, although you do not need to be a Comcast customer in order to enroll in Energy Rewards.

Energy Rewards was created to give Comcast customers exclusive “energy choice” options so you can take advantage of electricity and natural gas supply alternatives with greater confidence and ease. “Clean” energy is produced by renewable resources, such as solar or wind. These forms of energy do not produce harmful carbon emissions, meaning they do not contribute to global warming or the climate crisis.

Comcast Energy Rewards plans can be a great value for customers hoping to save money on their monthly energy costs – and these customers can also receive some free Comcast perks just for enrolling. As an Energy Rewards customer, you’ll be eligible for Comcast rewards on a periodic basis. Rewards may include free movie tickets, gift cards or other Comcast-related perks.

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Difference between supplier and utility

In many states, the utility company bills customers for two main energy services: supply and delivery. The supply portion of the bill accounts for generation of energy from the source, while the delivery service transmits energy from the source to the home through utility-owned infrastructure.

If you live in a state with a deregulated energy market, you can shop for an energy supply plan from companies that may offer lower rates than your utility. But rest assured, switching to a new energy supplier will not compromise the delivery service you currently receive from your utility. The local energy company will continue to deliver your energy, read your meter, send your bill and restore power in the event of an emergency.

It is important to note that the utility remains in charge of repairing power lines and should be contacted in the event of an outage – regardless of your energy provider.

Contact Comcast Energy Rewards

  • To speak with a Comcast Energy Rewards customer care representative, Texas customers should call 844-687-5503.
  • Non-Texas customers should call 844-684-5506.

Updated: 5/15/2020