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Houston-based Brilliant Energy is an energy provider supplying electricity to most deregulated areas of Texas since 2007. Since 2002, much of Texas has enjoyed energy choice, which gives residents the opportunity to shop for the supply portion of their energy bill. Providers such as Brilliant Energy opened up shop to service these customers with competitive prices and other benefits they may not receive from their utility, such as expert customer service. Brilliant Energy prides itself on delivering in this department and received an Award for Distinction three years in-a-row from the Better Business Bureau for its commitment to customers.

Energy provider vs. utility

In most parts of Texas, residents must choose an energy provider for their electricity supply. The supply portion of your service is the energy purchased from the source, such as a power plant or wind farm. The other major part of your bill, delivery, is carried out by your utility. Why can’t you shop for energy supply and delivery from a provider? Your local utility owns and operates the electricity infrastructure that transmits energy to your home. Technicians from the company remain in charge of repairing power lines and should be contacted in the event of an outage – regardless of your energy provider.


Community involvement

Brilliant Energy is proud not only of its efforts in providing expert customer service but also its devotion to our less-fortunate furry friends. The company offers a special Brilliant PetLovers plan that donates a portion of your bill to animal shelters in the Harris County area of Texas. By enrolling in a 12-month Brilliant PetLovers plan, you can help feed a pet in a shelter for four months.

Supply for your business

Business owners in Texas can also shop for energy supply from alternative suppliers such as Brilliant Energy, but the sign-up process may be a bit longer. Commercial energy consumers interested in shopping for energy supply have larger supply needs providers must address before they give a quote. For your chosen provider to ensure it can supply energy for your business, it requires some extra information on your average energy supply consumption. Brilliant Energy uses the amount of your last energy bill to estimate your energy usage and make sure it has enough supply for your energy needs.

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