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Our values

We are serious and passionate about our job, and positive and light-hearted about our day. We aim high, move fast, have fun, and take ownership of our work.

We're transparent and direct. Everyone should have an opinion and feel free to share to help push problem solving forward. 

We bring curiosity and intensity to challenge the fundamental premises of an industry that has lacked innovation for over 100 years.

We solve problems together and always present problems with potential solutions. We keep the commitments we make, and communicate obsessively when we can’t.

Nice to meet you

Photo of Kerry
Kerry Cooper CEO
The ability to blink and be anywhere I want to be and to wiggle my nose and have everything be clean. Instantly.
Be the change you wish to see in the world (Gandhi)
To spend time with my family, hiking in the gorgeous Bay Area or gardening in the wine country
late night shopping - I love ecommerce :)
more hours in the day (or maybe that's my second super power...)
Photo of Jerry
Jerry Dyess Chief Commerce Officer
Seeing around corners.
Do something difficult, easy and fun each day...oh and drink coffee.
Sports & actvities with my wife and kids, and LSU football.
Lover of chips and salsa...and coffee.
Becoming a billionaire by 40...ah man. Relaxing on the beach.
Photo of John
John Tough VP of Business Development & Operations
Flight, no question
Better every day
Anything with Jane and Lola
Cereal, a lot of it.
Relaxing at Balsam Lake / Twin Lakes
Photo of Mike
Mike Rudolph Chief Marketing Officer
Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.
Tennis, skiing (pre-drought), walking the dogs, cooking.
Listening to 80's music on vinyl.
The Palisades.
Photo of Prasad
Prasad Thammineni Chief Product Officer
Making awesome hyderabadi chicken biryani.
If you commit, give it your best.
Hanging with my son and exploring the hills in east bay.
Korean soaps
Photo of Kevin
Kevin Stevens Product Market Manager-SMB
Hulk's strength so going to the gym wouldn't be a chore.
"Live as if you were going to die tomorrow, and learn as if you were going to live forever."
Exploring new restaurants and wines with my wife Anita.
Early 90's hip-hop and rap.
Enjoy my work everyday and make a difference in people's lives and retire somewhere I can play a lot of golf and drink bourbon
Photo of Jonathan
Jonathan Crowder Supplier Account Manager

I would love to be able to read people's minds.
"Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Eating beautiful food in the company of family and friends, and watching too many movies.
I don't feel guilty about my pleasures.
Spending a year traveling around the world to attend every Formula 1 race in a single season.
Photo of Robin
Robin Swanson Provider Liaison

Mind Reading
You reap what you sow...
To spend time with my family
Cheese Fries
To wake up everyday with the sound of the ocean and a beautiful beach view.
Photo of Barry
Barry Lewis Customer Support Specialist

I'm a pretty good Impersonator.
The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.
Relax, indulge in my culinary skills, spending time with my loved ones, and going to my favorite fishing spot.
Big League Chew (any flavor), and watch anything Comedy related.
To let my folks retire, and to play Major League Baseball.
Photo of Parker
Parker Lyons Product Market Manager
Perpetual motion
Live right, be free, stay alive, and have fun!
Being in the woods or watching football.
Ice cream
Fishing, hunting and camping whenever I want to!
Photo of Nils
Nils Grimm Business Operations

Thor's hammer.
Spending time with friends, skiing, going to Vashon Island.
Living in the same city as Nate.
Photo of Rachel
Rachel Lawson Financial Analyst

I'd love to be able to convince woodland critters to clean my house...just like in a Disney movie.
It's easier to work hard now than catch up later.
Going to the farmers market followed by a delicious brunch.
Cooking with lots of butter.
Owning several homes around the world and rotate spending a few months at each.
Photo of Ethan
Ethan Wais Head of Data Products
Telekinesis (so I never have to touch the compost bin again)
Om nom nom nom nom - Cookie Monster
Not setting an alarm
Philosoraptor and other memes
Movie theater in my house (and world peace)
Photo of Lindsay
Lindsay Schroeder Business Development Associate

To read the minds of energy shoppers!
Wake up every day doing what YOU love
Not making plans, and making extravagant plans. Visiting friends, and being outdoors.
Pretending I'm as good as Bobby Flay
To build something from the ground up! ...then retire to the FL Keys
Photo of Erica
Erica Hennes Director of Acquisition Marketing

Time Manipulation
Have less. Do more, be more.
Relaxing with my husband and my cat & dog Templeton & Rye.
Anything involving cheese or ice cream.
To have more than I want, but less than I have now.
Photo of Nic
Nic Chappell Lifecycle Marketing Manager

It is not necessary to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results.
Bowling, attending chili cook-offs, performing with my barbershop quartet, barbecuing, playing on my company's softball team.
Eating 64 slices of American cheese in one sitting.
Buy a solid gold house and own a rocket car.
Photo of Nate
Nate Silverman Director of Development Operations

Predicting the future.
Humans cannot live on bread alone, it must have peanut butter on it.
Playing guitar and exploring the outdoors or nightlife.
Staying up past my bedtime and spending money on music equipment.
Living in the same city as Nils.
Photo of Scott
Scott Denny Software Engineer

Be logical and happy.
Hiking, rock climbing, and playing video games.
Eating a lot of super unhealthy food.
Spend a week in all the most interesting cities in the world.
Photo of Nicole
Nicole Bouchard Product Development Lead for Growth Initiatives

I can nap on any kind of public transportation, but I always wake up just as a reach my stop, even when I don't know what my stop is.
Every day is filled with opportunities for small moments of joy if you take the time to look for them.
Not having to follow a schedule.
Goldfish crackers! Why are they so addictive?
To have a grand adventure of some sort... and minions.
Photo of Jake
Jake Lumetta Lead Software Engineer
Supersonic typing.
I'm not a businessman. I'm a business, man!
Time with Kristen and Bella and watching MSU football.
Kit-Kat's and video games.
1) Financial independence. 2) Explore the world with my family. 3) Come back and solve a serious problem (education, healthcare or government).
Photo of Chad
Chad Glendenin Senior Software Engineer
Night hearing
"A goal without a plan is just a wish."
Football games, music festivals, biking, camping, pretty much anything that gets me away from a keyboard.
To see the earth from space.
Photo of Cameron
Cameron Drake Software Engineer
Permanently altering people's music tastes.
Straight, No Chaser.
Doing hoodrat stuff with my friends. including but not limited to running, listening/making music, coding, and most importantly having engaging conversations
Temporary tattoos
Write and produce my own TV show. Also wouldn't mind making the credits music.
Photo of Prince
Prince Shah Software Engineer

I am an Engineer what's your superpower?
"Keep smiling & Forgive and forget"
Hangout with my family (my wife and our sweetheart Fifi (Shih tzu))
To be awesome coder
Photo of Henry
Henry Mollman Software Engineer
Instantaneous phone booth wardrobe change
Keep cool, but care.
Empty gyms
Contestant on Jeopardy
Photo of Melody
Melody Kwok Software Engineer

that I want - Teleportation
This isn't meant to be pragmatic, but "best things in life are free"
"Cook and explore new recipes, Garden, Thrift shopping"
The Real Housewives of Orange County
Travel the world, understand history and culture from all parts of the world
Photo of Neil
Neil Mackintosh Senior Visual Designer

Not blending in
arduus ad solem
Wasting time
Pleasure should never be guilty
I'm living it...
Photo of Alex
Alex Stillwell UX Designer
Nap anywhere
Va va voom
Natasha Bedingfield
Being a UX Designer
Photo of Jonathan
Jonathan Chow Office Manager

Do your best and let God do the rest
Skateboarding with friends
Ice Cream & Donuts
Be a billionaire
Photo of Karen
Karen Ish Controller

The ability to add extra hours to my day (and still have time to sleep!)
You only get one shot at this life. Make it everything you dream is could be.
Exploring the world through the eyes of my 3-year-old son, woodworking and remodeling.
To live in a cute little farmhouse, in a cute little country town, with some cute little farm animals.

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