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Choose Energy operates on a simple idea: Our deregulated energy marketplace is designed to provide the best choice for your energy supply – one that could save you money. Compare rates today and see how much you can save! Start by entering your ZIP code above.

What is deregulation?

To understand deregulation, you’ll want to start by looking at your energy bill. In most states, your energy bill is split into two main services: supply and delivery:

Supply: Energy supply service accounts for the cost of energy – electricity and/or natural gas – from the source. This part often makes up the largest part of your bill.

Delivery: This portion of your bill is the fee for the distribution of energy from the source to your home through your utility’s infrastructure.

Twenty-nine states have deregulated electricity, natural gas or both. That allows you to shop for the supply portion of your bill from alternative providers who may offer rates lower than the default supplier – usually a utility. Delivery services and billing will remain the responsibility of the local utility as they own the power lines and wires that keep the lights on.

How do I sign up with a supplier?

In a few short steps, learn about and compare your energy supply options to make the best choice for your home or business.

  1. Enter your ZIP code: You can browse energy supply rates in your utility service area by entering your ZIP code above.
  2. Compare rates: We’ll show you plans from top suppliers available in your area. Compare rates, plan lengths, and other features that match your needs by selecting plan details.
  3. Sign up with a supplier: To sign up for your energy plan, you’ll need to provide a few details: your contact information, the address where you’d like to receive service and your current utility account number. Your new supplier will take it from there.

To find out how much you can save on your energy supply rate, enter your ZIP code to view current plans available. But remember: Plans can change daily.

I said enough is enough with my high energy bills and switched both natural gas and electricity suppliers. I'm sorry I didn't switch sooner! Thanks Choose Energy!

Janette, Reynoldsburg, OH

Choose Energy is without a doubt is the easiest and most straight forward site I've found for switching suppliers.

Philip, League City, TX

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