Find the best energy plan for your large Texas home

The Choose Energy Team
By The Choose Energy Team September 1st, 2015
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What should larger home owners keep in mind to find the best energy rate? As with many goods and services, more you buy, the more you save. Luckily, there are several plans out there than are built specifically to serve customers who use more than 2000 kWh of energy per month.

Quick take

  • Average home size: 4000 square feet
  • Average energy use: 2200 kWh/month
  • Our recommendation: plans with bill credits
  • Watch out for: rates that spike if your usage drops below 2000 kWh/month
  • Plans to check out:
    • TXU Energy Savers Choice 12
    • 4Change Generous Saver 12

How to shop smart for your larger home

The TXU Energy Savers Choice 12 plan comes with bill credits, which higher energy users are primed to take advantage of. This plan automatically applies a $15 bill credit to your invoice when your usage is at least 1200 kWh. This credit will bring your average price per kWh to only 7.9 cents, including all delivery charges and fees, which is a super low rate.

Word of caution: be careful not to select plans like this if there’s a possibility that your energy use will drop below 1200 kWh one month. Without the bill credits, average price per kWh for this plan jumps up to 10.6 cents.

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