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Hudson Energy for Business

Commercial electricity rates and plans

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About Hudson Energy Commercial

The power to choose an electricity provider in Texas isn’t limited to residential customers. Business owners and operators also have the opportunity to select the supplier that best meets their energy needs. That means Hudson Energy and businesses can form a great match.

A little background: Texas deregulated residential and commercial electricity in 2002. Before then, customers of both types were required to sign up for electricity from their local utility. Now, as an commercial venture owner or operator, it’s possible to find the business energy rates that suit operations of most any type.

That’s where comes in. As part of the largest private energy marketplace in Texas, we can help business owners/operators find the best Hudson Energy business rates or a great plan from other commercial energy suppliers.

A recent survey conducted by Dynata on behalf of shows that business electricity shoppers spend at least five hours annually on research on commercial electricity rates before signing a new deal. Want to cut that amount of time? We can help.

In the same year Texas embraced deregulation, Hudson Energy began operations in New York. It expanded into Texas in 2006. Four years later, Canada-based Just Energy Group, acquired Hudson. The company now works with businesses of all sizes.  Besides Texas, it provides business electricity in Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, and Illinois.

Places Hudson Energy for business is available in Texas

The company’s Texas footprint is extensive. Among the cities it serves are the following:

Maybe an easier way of saying it is that Hudson Energy business rates are available throughout the deregulated areas of the state.

Choose Energy’s business energy experts can tailor a plan to meet the requirements of nearly any company. We’ll need a little information about the company, including its estimated monthly usage and how the electricity is used. Call the number on this page or fill out the following form:

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Hudson Energy business electricity core values

Hudson Energy calls out its adaptability as one thing that sets it apart from other commercial energy providers. The company also explicitly defines customer rights. It says business owners and operators who choose Hudson Energy business rates have a right to:

  •         Reliable service, working with distribution utilities.
  •         Fair prices.
  •         Innovation.

Business owners and operators can learn more by calling the number on this page or filling out the form. Energy experts will help find the right plan.

Hudson Energy business electricity plans

Hudson Energy offers the following types of commercial energy plans:

  • Fixed rates: The electricity supply rate will remain constant throughout the term of the contract. That consistency provides security even if energy market prices skyrocket. Companies can use this as a tool for budgeting expenses.
  • Variable rates: The electricity supply rate is tied to energy market rates. That means it can fluctuate from month-to-month. This can offer savings when market prices are low but is a gamble because prices can increase wildly. This type of plan doesn’t have a term, so when market prices rising, a savvy business owner/operator can switch to a fixed-rate plan.
  • Mixed/hybrid: A portion of the company’s energy usage is charged at a fixed rate. The rest is tied to market pricing. This offers a hedge against higher market rates but allows for the possibility of savings.

Hudson Energy reviews has not formally reviewed Hudson Energy. But parent company Just Energy Group has a grade of “3” (out of 5, with five representing the top score, on the Public Utilities Commission of Texas’ Retail Electric Provider Complaint Scorecard. The score represents complaints through December 2020. Neither Hudson nor Just Energy is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.  

Factors in deciding on a business electricity plan

As mentioned above, the Dynata survey found that business owners say they typically spend more than five hours researching business energy before deciding on a plan.

The survey also asked respondents to outline the process they use to make a decision. While cost was the main factor, it was not the only thing business owners or operators examined. Other considerations:

  •         An uncomplicated way of purchasing a plan.
  •         Having options available.
  •         Knowledge of the brand.
  •         The ability to include renewable energy.

Texas commercial electricity rates averaged 7.74 cents per kilowatt hour in 2020. Business owners and operators should see whether they can get a better deal through the marketplace. There’s no obligation to try.

Call a business energy expert now, or complete the form on this page.

How to contact Hudson Energy

After becoming a customer, Hudson Energy provides great support. Here’s how to reach the provider:

Updated: 3/10/2021