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5 Largest Energy Producers in the World

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More than 70 million Americans use natural gas to power their lives. Have you ever wondered where that gas is coming from? While many U.S. companies have ramped up natural gas production in the last year, countries across the globe have been producing and exporting huge amounts of oil and natural gas for decades. Here are the top 5 energy producers in the world:

1. Gazprom

Ranked #1 in for global thermal energy generation, Gazprom claims the title of world’s largest energy producer. With a market cap of over $59 billion, the Russian natural gas and oil giant produces 8.38 million BPD (barrels per day) and owns the world’s biggest gas transmission system, spanning 171,000 kilometers (more than 106254 miles). Gazprom is expanding its gas development projects to the Arctic Shelf, Eastern Siberia, the Yamal Peninsula and the Russian Far East.

2. Exxon Mobil

Exxon Mobil, the Texas-based oil giant, takes the second spot on the list of world’s largest energy producers. Not only does Exxon Mobile boast a market cap of around $366 billion and a BPD of 5.5 million, the company recently revealed that it has found a new drilling area off the shore of Guyana that has the potential to add an extra 200,000 BPD for the next 40 years – that’s an extra 3.2 billion BPD, which may eventually push Exxon Mobile to the #1 spot.

3. Rosneft

Rosneft, another publicly traded Russian oil and gas company, has a market cap of over $65 billion and a production rate of 5.4 million BPD. The company has 13 oil refineries situated across Russia, as well as projects in Latin America and Southeast Asia. Rosneft prides itself on being a global energy company with holdings in “promising regions”, such as the United States, Western Europe and South America.

4. PetroChina

PetroChina is one of the top state-run oil and gas producers in China, with a production rate of 4.1 million BPD and a market cap of $248.60 billion. PetroChina controls 31 percent of total crude oil refining for China, sharing the market with three other oil companies. Despite PetroChina’s high production rate, China is still the world’s largest oil importer.

5. British Petroleum (BP)

British Petroleum, commonly referred to as BP, rounds out the list of 5 largest energy producers in the world with a production rate of 3.3 million BPD and a market cap of $142.22 billion. Still infamous for its 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, BP remains one of the most well-known oil and gas producers. The London-based company operates in more than 70 countries across the globe.