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Michigan Gas Utilities

Gas Company

About Michigan Gas Utilities

Michigan Gas Utilities (MGU) is part of the parent company WEC Energy Group. Located in Monroe, Michigan, MGU delivers natural gas to approximately 180,000 customers in western and southern Michigan. Started in 1859 under Monroe Gas Light Company, Michigan Gas Utilities now serves communities including Benton Harbor, Coldwater, Grand Haven, Monroe, and Otsego.

Understanding deregulation in Michigan

Energy deregulation separates the production of energy from its delivery. Michigan moved to energy deregulation in 2000 by launching its Electric Customer Choice Program. Michigan’s deregulation eliminates energy monopolies and provides a greater pool of competitive rates by allowing you to select your energy supplier.

In today’s deregulated market, customers can choose their energy supplier just as they would select an insurance company or cell phone provider.

What is Michigan Gas Utilties’s price to compare

As a state with deregulated energy, Michigan energy suppliers provide a price to compare based upon actual therms used monthly for natural gas customers and kilowatt-hours (kWh) for electric customers. This rate ensures customers shopping for natural gas are easily able to assess Michigan Gas Utilities’ price to compare rates with other third-party independent suppliers in their service area. Choosing a supplier other than MGU may result in a lower energy cost.

Ready to learn about natural gas options and pricing in your area? Simply enter your ZIP code above for a free review of plans in the Michigan Gas service area.

What is the difference between a utility and a supplier?

As you consider your natural gas supplier, keep in mind you can choose. Suppliers are independent companies who purchase energy to sell it to residential homes and businesses. Suppliers’ rates may vary, which is why the price to compare is an important part of choosing who supplies your natural gas.

A utility is a company dedicated to ensuring your power remains up and running. This includes maintaining and servicing the poles, power lines, pipelines, meters, and other infrastructures. While you can select your energy supplier, you cannot change your utility company.

Contact Michigan Gas Utilities

To report outages, inquire about transmission rates, or your bill if you purchase energy from Michigan Gas Utilities, contact them below.

  • Access your Michigan Gas Utilities account here.
  • To contact customer service, call 1-800-401-6402 or email them here.
  • To report a gas emergency or other safety-related issues, call 1-800-401-6451.

Updated: 8/3/2020