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SEMCO Energy

Natural gas utility in Michigan

About SEMCO Energy

SEMCO Energy provides natural gas to more than 400,000 customers combined between Alaska and Michigan. Over 300,000 of those customers are in Michigan alone. As an owner and operator of several natural gas companies, SEMCO involves itself in intrastate pipelines, natural gas distribution, natural gas storage, and propane distribution.

Since 1977, SEMCO Energy has been incorporated in the state of Michigan. Based in Port Huron, SEMCO Energy Michigan cities include Albion, Battle Creek, and Three Rivers. Working as a division of SEMCO Energy, SEMCO Energy Gas Company is one of AltaGas Ltd.’s subsidiaries.

Understanding deregulation in Michigan

In 2000, Michigan Legislature passed Public Acts 141 and 142 to give customers more options for purchasing their retail energy supply. This legislation means that consumers have a choice among natural gas suppliers, rather than purchasing only from their utility. These companies are referred to as alternative energy suppliers (AES). Each AES is licensed to participate in the Electric Customer Choice program under the Michigan Public Service Commission.

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What is SEMCO Energy's price to compare?

When you see the phrase “price to compare,” that means it’s the price per kilowatt-hour (kWh) that a utility is going to charge for providing energy. Because SEMCO rates are for natural gas, it’s Therm instead of kWh. SEMO gas has a current price to compare that’s $.20300 per Therm. The company’s price to compare is also referred to as the Gas Cost Recovery (GCR).

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What is the difference between a utility and a supplier?

While utilities and energy suppliers seem like the same thing because they involve energy services, there are differences. A utility company is the owner and operator of the wires and lines that bring gas and electric services to your home or business. When an outage or emergency occurs, your utility company is the one that provides solutions and services. The utility company is also responsible for reading the meter on your home to determine how much energy you’re consuming.

An energy supplier secures the rates per kWh or Therm you’re going to pay for your energy solutions. While your utility is responsible for connecting power or gas to your home, you don’t have a choice which one you can use. However, you can choose which supplier you would like to use, including the utility, in your service area.

Which suppliers are available in SEMCO Energy's service area?

There are currently 10 AES providers in SEMCO’s service area: Ardent Natural Gas LLC, Just Energy, Michigan Natural Gas, MyChoiceEnergy, Nordic Energy, Provision, Realgy Energy Services, Symmetry Energy Solutions, and VolunteerEnergy.

Contact SEMCO Energy

To report outages, ask questions about transmission rates, or inquire about your bill if you purchase energy from SEMCO Energy, contact them below:

  • To access your SEMCO account, click here.
  • Gas leaks and emergencies: 1-888-GAS-1-GAS (1-888-427-1427)
  • Customer service phone number: 1-800-624-2019

Updated: 7/31/2020