Smart bathroom technology designed to save water and energy

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By Terri Williams May 13th, 2019
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The bathroom is one of the most important – and most used – rooms in your home. It’s also a place where you use a lot of water. But oftentimes, it is also where you waste a lot of water – and energy.

Luckily, modern bathroom technology can not only make your morning routine easier, but it can also help you save water and energy. The products below are optimized to use less water and energy so showering, brushing your teeth and washing your face don’t also pour money down the drain.

Smart Showers

“Water saving continues to be a trend across the country, and technologies such as Delta’s H2Okinetic® Technology allow consumers to conserve water without sacrificing their showering experience,” says Peggy Gallagher, senior product manager at Delta.  “The innovative technology sculpts water into a unique wave pattern, providing 3 times the coverage of a standard showerhead.” Gallagher says this product provides a shower experience that results in better coverage, more warmth, and superior water pressure.

Smart Faucets

Smart touch faucets are both fun and practical. The Tesla Single Handle Bath Faucet with Touch2O.xt Technology has a joystick handle design, making it fun to “drive.” However, the real beauty of this faucet is that you can turn it on and off in one of three ways: you can manually operate it, touch it anywhere on the handle or spout, or you can simply place your hands near the faucet to turn it on. This product is different from other types of touchless faucets that require you to place your hand in a certain area to active it.  “Not only can the faucet be activated by a simple touch, but the water will also turn off once you move your hand away for one minute, allowing users to walk away from the faucet worry-free.”

Smart Water Monitors

“A leaky toilet or a dripping shower faucet can wreak havoc on a homeowner’s water bill over time,” says Jeff Long, director of marketing and operations at StreamLabs. “Reliance Worldwide Corporation (RWC) recently introduced the StreamLabs Smart Home Water Monitor, an easy-to-install device that allows homeowners to monitor their water usage in real time and receive updates via a smart device app.” Using sound waves, the smart water device records accurate flow data and tracks it over time.  “It also alerts the user of any irregularities in water use,” Long says. “It’s a smart choice for homeowners wanting to save water, take control of water bills, and proactively monitor for potentially damaging leaks.” Using the StreamLabs app on your smartphone, you’ll not only be alerted if there is a leak but will also receive freeze alerts. The app also lets you compare your water usage week by week or month by month to see if you’re being wasteful.

Smart Towel Racks

Imagine stepping out of the bathtub or shower to a heated bath towel. “It’s a great way to transform a regular bathroom into a cozy day spa at a fraction of the cost,” says Peter Manidis, marketing manager at Amba Products. “Heated towel racks are also a great energy saver, as they keep towels dry and fresh for the energy it takes to run a few light bulbs versus the energy it costs to run a dryer,” Manidis explains.

For decades, he says they have been used in in Europe to keep bathroom towels fresh and warm.   “Heated towel racks also reduce mildew and the towels will require less laundering, which helps you save on water and electricity.” With over 150 different mounted and free-standing versions, Manidis says they can be used in a bathroom, laundry room or even a dorm. “Every [Amba] heated towel rack is energy-efficient and made of 100-percent recyclable, corrosion-resistant high-grade 304 steel.”

Smart Toilets

Even toilets are becoming smarter and more intuitive, according to Fay Friedman of Quality Bath, an online retailer of luxury kitchen and bath fixtures. “[A] toilet with all the perks, such as the Toto Neorest, includes a tornado flushing system that can be operated by remote or by sensor operation, and an automatic toilet seat that can be opened/closed by remote or sensor operation,” Friedman says. “It also includes a warm air dryer, a night light, integrated comfort and cleaning in the seat, and much more.”

Smart Mirrors

Bathroom technology also extends to mirrors. “Smart mirrors, like the Duravit Luv mirror, have touchless control panels, LED lighting and dimming functions, a de-fogging system, and auto-off functions,” Friedman says.

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