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How Energy Choice Works

Saving is easy...and it adds up fast!

Despite what many people think, you DO have a choice in energy providers. There are many companies that offer high quality utility services—and they’re willing to compete to have you as a customer. Competition leads to lower prices for the same energy you use every day! Our residential customers save an average of $270 annually!

Choose Energy™ will help you find the best fit for your needs at the right price. You'll see all the top offers from our preferred partner providers. Compare each option with what you're currently spending, pick the best deal, and watch your savings add up!

The process is simple.

Simple process

Note: Your new provider may need a few business days to get you set up in their system as a customer.

You can filter your results by price, popularity, term, and more. There’s also no obligation to switch providers—you don’t even need to enter any personal information in order to see how much you can save.

Switching is simple and takes place entirely online through our secure service. Best of all, you won’t experience any interruption in service, and no one will contact you without your permission.

Sound too good to be true? Choose Energy™ has been helping customers save on energy since 2005, and we have one of the biggest selection of providers in the region. We’ve done our homework — but you’re welcome to read more about how the energy industry operates and learn why power costs what it does.