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Last Updated: August 3, 2021

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About Bulb

Bulb is an energy provider founded in 2015 with the idea that energy could be simpler, cheaper, and greener. The company was originally founded in the United Kingdom as the country’s fastest-growing electricity provider. In 2020, the company expanded its market into Texas.

To shop for energy plans from top electricity providers in your area, enter your ZIP code above and see discover available energy plans and prices in your city.

Bulb energy plans

Bulb keeps things simple by offering just one energy plan to its customers. The company doesn’t offer the fixed-rate contracts that many companies use. Instead, it only supplies its Simply-Flex plan, which is a variable-rate month-to-month plan powered by 100 percent renewable energy. According to Bulb, this simplicity helps them to keep rates low.

If you’re interested in electricity plans within the Bulb coverage area, enter your ZIP code and see how a Bulb energy plan compares to other electricity providers near you.

Bulb main energy services

Bulb for residential customers

Bulb specializes in offering simple and clean residential energy plans. As we mentioned above, the company offers just one plan, which comes with a variable rate and month-to-month terms.

Bulb for business customers

Bulb doesn’t currently market its Texas energy plans to businesses. But Choose Energy can still help business owners find a great business energy plan. If you need a commercial energy plan, you can visit our business energy page or connect with a Choose Energy expert and learn more about customized energy plans for your business.

Green energy options with Bulb

All of Bulb’s Texas energy plans are powered by 100 percent renewable energy sourced directly from the Lone Star State. The company’s green energy plans are powered by both wind and solar power.

Other Bulb initiatives

Right now, Bulb focuses solely on its variable-rate renewable-energy plan for Texas consumers. It doesn’t currently have any other offerings, but that may change in the future.

Community investment

Bulb’s community investment currently comes in the form of its investments in renewable energy. The company sources all of its energy from Texas companies, helping to keep its customers’ dollars in the state. Each unit of energy comes with a Renewable Energy Credit certificate, which allows consumers to reinvest in green power, making renewable energy more affordable and accessible for everyone.

Bulb service areas

Bulb offers renewable energy plans across much of Texas, including cities such as Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Odessa, and Arlington. Because it works in so many parts of the state, the company also works in the service areas of multiple utility companies, including:

Frequently asked questions about Texas energy plans

What is a variable-rate plan?

When you sign up for a variable-rate energy plan, you aren’t locked into a contract. Instead, you pay month to month, and your rate fluctuates with the energy market. Bulb currently only offers variable-rate energy plans. But because you won’t be locked into a contract, you can switch to another energy plan whenever you need.

Who do I call if there’s an outage?

No matter who supplies the energy that powers your home, your utility company still delivers your electricity and maintains the infrastructure. If you experience an outage, you should contact your local utility, not your provider.

Why does Choose Energy run a credit check?

Energy suppliers require a credit check on most of their plans. Customers without satisfactory credit may be required to pay an upfront deposit. Bulb’s deposits are limited to the estimated total of two months of electricity. If you’d rather not pay a deposit, you can learn more about no-deposit energy plans.

What happens if I move?

If you’re moving to another location within your current supplier’s service area, you can simply move your service to your new address. If you move to a location outside your current supplier’s service area, you’ll have to switch providers. You can use Choose Energy’s marketplace to shop for a new plan by entering your ZIP code on the screen.

A few things to remember

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for your next energy plan:

  • Make sure to read your new plan’s Electricity Facts Label (EFL) before signing up. It will include critical information such as your price per kilowatt-hour, the percentage of renewable energy in your plan, and early termination fees.
  • Once you sign up, your supplier will handle the setup. They’ll coordinate directly with your utility to deliver your energy without any interruption to your power.
  • Make sure to read and understand your electricity bill. Because your utility company will still deliver your electricity and maintain the infrastructure, your bill will include a utility charge separate from your supplier rate.

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Updated: 5/13/2021

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