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Solar Panels in Rhode Island: Cost and Savings

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Solar panels in Rhode Island

Like many states, Rhode Island has embraced solar energy over the past several years. Why? Because installing solar panels on your home can earn big energy savings and reduce your carbon footprint, among other benefits.

Are you wondering whether solar is worth it? Keep reading to learn more about solar panels in Rhode Island and whether they’re the right choice for you.

Solar energy FAQs

  • Do solar panels save you money in Rhode Island?
    Yes, solar panels can save you money on your electricity bill and earn additional savings through net metering. Plus, solar panels raise the value of your home, which can allow you to pocket more money if and when you sell your home.
  • How does solar power help the environment?
    Unlike traditional electricity generation, solar energy generation doesn’t emit harmful greenhouse gasses into the air. As a result, installing solar panels can reduce air and water pollution and reduce your home’s carbon footprint.
  • Is it better to buy or lease solar panels?
    Both buying and leasing solar panels can be good options, but in general, buying is most cost-effective. Buying your solar panels is the only way to take advantage of the federal tax credit, allowing you to save the most money in the long run.
  • What percent of Rhode Island energy production is solar?
    As of 2021, Rhode Island gets 7.81% of its electricity from solar energy.