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New York State Electric and Gas

Electric and natural gas utility in New York

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About New York State Electric and Gas

New York State Electric & Gas, also known as NYSEG, is one of the top utility services in upstate New York. A subsidiary of AVANGRID, NYSEG delivers power to more than 40 percent of the upstate community, with nearly 1.2 million electricity and natural gas customers combined. The NYSEG service area includes Binghamton, Liberty, Ithaca, Lancaster, and Plattsburgh.

In New York, natural gas is regulated but electricity is not. This means New Yorkers, both residents and businesses, have the power to choose who supplies their electricity. In its service area, NYSEG still delivers the electricity regardless of whether you purchase from them or from an ESCO. Signing up with an ESCO may allow you to find a lower rate. Enter your ZIP code to shop ESCO electricity plans in the New York State Electric and Gas area.

Please note: All rates above are accurate as of 12/22/2020 for utility NYSEG. Rates may have changed since this date. For the most up to date rates in your area, please enter your zip code on our natural gas page.

Understanding deregulated energy

In the New York energy market, electricity consumers have the choice to purchase energy from an independent energy supplier or stay with their area’s utility company. These suppliers, called energy service companies or ESCOs, often offer lower rates and more plan options than area utility companies. To better understand your options and what may work best for you, take a look at the answers to some common questions and a brief overview of the types of plans you can consider.

What is the difference between an ESCO and a utility company?

A utility company sells energy to consumers, delivers it to their homes and businesses, and maintains power lines. Utility companies operate in certain service areas and each service area has only one utility. In regulated energy areas, this means utility companies are a monopoly.

In deregulated areas such as New York, this monopoly is broken apart. Instead, independent companies called ESCOs can offer consumers lower rates and better plan options. The utility company still delivers energy, maintains infrastructure, and sells energy to consumers who choose not to sign up with an ESCO. The only difference is that consumers now have more choices available to them.

What is a rate to compare and how do I find mine?

A “rate to compare,” also called a “price to compare,” is the amount that the area utility company charges per kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity. You can use this number to determine if you can find a cheaper rate with an ESCO. It can be found on your last bill from the utility company, usually listed in cents per kWh.

What are some ESCOs in my area?

As a national energy marketplace, Choose Energy has relationships with some of the top energy companies in the country, including Clearview Energy, Public Power, Constellation, and other ESCOs who serve New York areas. To learn more about these and other ESCOs plans in the NSYEG area, enter your ZIP code above.

Contact New York State Electric and Gas

NYSEG handles power outages and emergencies in the area, as well as customer service and billing questions for its customers. If you purchase energy from an independent supplier, you will need to contact your ESCO for billing and plan questions. You should still contact NYSEG for power outages.

  • For bill pay or to manage your NYSEG account, log in here.