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You should be, because electricity prices in New York are going up. At least two traditional utilities have implemented rate hikes, and the U.S. Energy Information Administration predicts nationwide hikes for the next three years. What’s a consumer to do? The answer is simple for residents in a state like New York – just enter your ZIP code above to see plans from energy service companies (known as ESCOs).

That’s because New York is one of a handful of states with deregulated electricity and natural gas. Consumers aren’t locked in with utilities such as New York State Electric and Gas, one of those that has raised prices for the summer. ESCOs offer plans that can have better rates, greener products and other add-ons for business and residential customers in Binghamton.

More than 2 million New Yorkers know that the path to finding great rates for electricity and natural gas means looking beyond utilities. They’re taking advantage of deregulation, and you can, too. New York has come a long way from when electricity customers were forced to buy power from the utility serving their area. Deregulation, or energy choice, has meant that utilities and ESCOs compete to provide energy plans that will attract customers. It’s not complicated. Finding the best electricity prices in Binghamton is as simple as entering your ZIP code above.® will display rates, terms and other information – including potential savings - to help you make your decision.

Binghamton and Deregulation

Binghamton residents have energy choice because New York state adopted deregulation in 1996. That opened markets up to competition between ESCOs and utilities, laying the groundwork for downward pressure on pricing.

What deregulation really does is separate the process of supplying electricity and transmitting it. Electricity is still transmitted by utilities, which also still have the responsibility for maintain the grid. Natural gas, under deregulation, performs in a similar manner.

The timing is right for more consumers to try energy choice. NYSEGNational Grid and others raised rates in spring 2018. But because of deregulation, Binghamton commercial and residential electricity customers can lock in rates for periods ranging from six months to 36 months, saying goodbye to market volatility.

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Why switch electricity providers in Binghamton?

Sure, the easy path for Binghamton electricity customers would be to stay with NYSEG month after month, accepting any rate increases. But that’s not the path savvy customers should take. Isn’t it better to see what else is available? Checking doesn’t require a commitment to switch.

Savings don’t make up the sole reason to switch: Many business and residential electricity consumers want to make use of electricity produced from renewable sources such as wind and solar. ESCOs offer plans wholly or partially sourced with green energy – allowing users to cut their carbon footprints.

What’s important for other customers is greater predictability for bills – if the rate is stable, then the only variable is usage. Customers have more control over use.

How does switching energy providers in Binghamton work?

Exercising energy choice in Binghamton or elsewhere in New York could hardly be easier. Enter your ZIP code above, browse the plans provided, pick the one you like and sign up for service. Your new ESCO will notify your utility and any other entity that needs to know about the change.

What does it mean for your service? Not much; there shouldn’t be an interruption, and you don’t need a new meter or other equipment.

Frequently asked questions about changing suppliers

Following are some FAQs for signing up for an ESCO in Binghamton:

What do I do when there’s a power outage?

Your utility will continue to be responsible for transmitting power to your home and maintaining electricity lines and other infrastructure. Contact it whenever there’s an outage or other problem connected with receiving electricity.

When my new plan ends, what happens?

At least 30 days before your plan expires, your energy supplier should contact you. You have two choices: either shop for a new plan or stay with your ESCO. However, if you don’t make arrangements with your supplier, you could be moved into a different plan that could have higher rates.

Is a deposit required to start service?

It could be. Some ESCOs require credit checks. Your score could determine whether a provider will require a deposit before it begins your service.

Can I cancel my new plan?

Most plans allow you to cancel service within a certain time. But many have early termination fees (ETFs); read a plans Terms & Conditions and other documents before you commit to a contract.

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Exercising energy choice in Binghamton could produce great results. Get insight into the energy plans that are available and pick one that meets your needs.

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