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UGI Penn Natural Gas

Electric and natural gas utility in Pennsylvania

About UGI Penn Natural Gas

UGI Utilities is an electricity and natural gas utility that services customers across 45 counties of Pennsylvania. UGI Penn Natural Gas is the subsidiary of the company that provides natural gas throughout much of the state. UGI was the first public utility in the United States, founded in 1882. While the utility still services Pennsylvania customers, deregulation gives residents of the states the power to choose their own natural gas suppliers.

Please note: All rates above are accurate as of 12/22/2020 for utility UGI Penn Natural Gas. Rates may have changed since this date. For the most up to date rates in your area, please enter your zip code above.

Understanding energy deregulation in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania deregulated its energy market in 1996 through the passage of the Electric Choice and Competition Act. The law allows consumers in the state to select their own electricity and natural gas suppliers. Since deregulation, Pennsylvania residents have seen their energy costs decrease 25%, and rates in the state are currently 9.3% below the national average.

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What is UGI Penn Natural Gas’s price to compare?

Price to compare refers to the price you’ll pay if you don’t shop around and instead purchase the default natural gas service from your utility company. UGI’s natural gas price to compare is $0.440007/ccf for residential customers and $4.3205/mcf for commercial and industrial customers. Because Pennsylvania has a deregulated natural gas market, consumers can shop around for a lower rate. Enter your zip code above to see if you can find a plan to beat UGI Penn’s natural gas rate.

What is the difference between a utility and a supplier?

An energy supplier is a company who provides the electricity and natural gas that is delivered to your home. In deregulated states like Pennsylvania, consumers can choose their own suppliers. A utility like UGI Penn is the company that actually delivers the product to your home. The utility maintains the energy infrastructure. And if you don’t actively choose your own supplier, you’ll receive your electricity and natural gas from your utility company.

Contact UGI Penn Natural Gas

Are you a UGI Penn customer who needs to contact the company to report an outage or ask a question about your service? Here’s how you can contact UGI Penn:

  • Call UGI at 800-276-2722 for customer service or to report a gas leak
  • Email UGI Penn for customer service
  • Email UGI Penn to switch to natural gas
  • Log in to your account to view or pay your bill

Updated: 12/11/2020