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Fitchburg Gas & Electric

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What is Fitchburg Gas & Electric?

Fitchburg Gas & Electric is a natural gas and electricity utility that serves customers in parts of northern Massachusetts. It is an operating unit of Unitil, a holding company that owns utilities in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.  Overall, Unitil has about 106,000 customers for electricity and more than 83,000 customers for natural gas.

Fitchburg Gas & Electric serves communities around Fitchburg, including Lunenburg and Townsend. The company’s roots date to 1852, when Fitchburg Gas & Electric Company was created to provide gas for the gas streetlights in downtown Fitchburg. In 1992, Unitil and Fitchburg Gas & Electric merged.

Understanding deregulation in Massachusetts

The idea behind energy deregulation is to give consumers more choice in the company that supplies their energy. It creates competition among energy suppliers, which may lead to lower prices for consumers and business customers.

No matter which supplier you choose, the electricity or natural gas will be delivered to your home (or business) by the utility that serves your area. If you live in Fitchburg, Fitchburg Gas & Electric would continue to be your utility.  If there’s a power outage, Fitchburg G&E would take care of it.

We’ve prepared some resources to help you learn more about energy deregulation. Some of our most popular resources cover:

What is the Fitchburg Gas &Electric price to compare?

Fitchburg Gas & Electric customers who do not choose a competitive supplier for electricity are eligible for what the company calls Basic Service. Basic Service customers can choose from two price options.

A fixed-price plan charges you a set rate for a six-month period, running from the beginning of December to the end of May and the beginning of June to the end of November. Rates are based on kilowatt hours (kWh) of use. As of Dec. 1, 2020, the fixed rate is 11.4 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) for electricity supply.

The company also offers a variable-rate plan, where the price of electricity per kWh changes every month. The price tends to be higher in the colder months and lower in the warmer months. As of now, that price to compare is 10.3 cents/kWh.

Other suppliers may offer lower electricity supply rates than Fitchburg Gas & Electric Company.. To find out what competitive rates are available to you, simply enter your ZIP Code above.

What is the difference between a utility and a supplier?

A supplier acquires the gas or electricity and has it delivered to your home or business through the lines owned and operated by the utility.

The utility delivers the energy to your home, maintains the lines, and takes care of outages and other problems that affect delivery.

If you do not choose your own supplier, the utility will provide natural gas and electricity to your home. You are not required to choose a competitive supplier, but you may find that a competing supplier offers a better rate than the utility charges. To see your options, enter your ZIP code above.

Contact Fitchburg Gas & Electric

There are many ways to contact Fitchburg Gas & Electric if you have questions or need help. You can access or set up an online account to check your bill, make a payment, or track your energy use.

  • To report an outage or gas emergency, call 866-542-3547.
  • For customer service, call 888-301-7700.

Updated: 10/30/20