Kitchen Technology Designed to Save Water and Energy

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By Terri Williams May 24th, 2019
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The kitchen is your home’s hub – the place where meals are prepared, stories are shared, and messes are cleaned. So, when it’s easier to prep and clean up, you get to spend more time creating memories with your friends and loved ones.

Plus, who would say no to a cut in their utility costs?

Kitchen technology is evolving to help you work more efficiently in the kitchen, saving you both time and money.

These are some of the kitchen’s newest technology trends:

Smart faucets

“The trend that seems to have staying power is hands-free motion sensor technology in faucets,” according to Leah Tuttleman, a designer at Re-Bath.  Tuttleman says that smart technology is becoming more mainstream, practical and clean, especially appealing to those who worry about germs. “No-touch technology allows you to guide your hand within 3 inches of a sensor to turn the water flow on and off.

Tuttleman says that pull-down kitchen faucets with high arcs are still high in demand. “Manufacturers are introducing buzz words like SmartTouch Technology, which allow you to activate water flow pressure with a simple touch to the faucet,” she says. “Your kitchen faucet can now tell the difference between a tap to activate the water flow, and a grasp to maneuver the faucet position.”

smart faucet

Voice activation is also a popular faucet feature; some companies, like Delta, are introducing VoiceIQ Technology, which allows users to turn water on and off using voice commands. You can even command the faucet to dispense water in specific amounts, like a quart, or a pint.

“Water conservation goes hand in hand with smart technology,” Tuttleman says. “A few faucet manufacturers now offer an automatic shut off after a few minutes of inactivity to conserve water for a helping hand.” This feature can cut water consumption in half and is especially useful for families with young children or anyone with mobility issues.

smart faucet

Another trend in faucets also helps make clean-up easier: Delta ShieldSpray Technology has concentrated jets that remove stubborn messes, reduce splatter and cut down on scrubbing and soaking time.

Pot fillers

Installing a pot filler over the stove can eliminate the hassle and safety issues of dragging a heavy pot of water from the sink to the stovetop. What many people don’t realize is that pot fillers are also more efficient. While kitchen faucets have an average flow of 1.5 gallons a minute, pot fillers are 2 to 3 times faster.

pot filler

Smart Refrigerators

Finally get rid of those sticky notes cluttering your fridge with a SAMSUNG Family Hub Refrigerator. This model has a touchscreen on the refrigerator door that lets you remotely look inside your fridge while you’re out shopping. Find out how much milk you have left, whether that lettuce has spoiled, and more.

You can also keep your shopping list on the door screen, send notes and photos through the touchscreen, and even sync schedules with your family members. The touchscreen also lets you stream your favorite songs, and mirror TV and stream content. And if you’ve ever needed different temperatures for different items in your refrigerator, this fridge can help. It also has a FlexZone, in which the bottom right door becomes a refrigerator or freezer with the touch of a button, so you can customize your temperature settings.

Smart Dishwashers

If you hate washing dishes but are not impressed with your dishwasher, help is on the way in the form of a smart dishwasher. For example, Thermadore’s Star-Sapphire dishwasher has a 20-minute hot water cycle (which is reported to be the fastest in the industry). Another option is StarDry with Zeolite, which has been touted as the fastest-drying dishwasher on the market, virtually eliminating the need to towel dry items.

Frigidaire dishwashers have an EvenDry feature, which uses a fan to circulate heat and leave dishes much drier. Another Frigidaire smart feature is its DishSense Technology, which can sense the level of cleaning that your dishes need and automatically adjust the cycle.

Smart Cooking

Say goodbye to over- and under-cooked food. Hestan Cue has created an induction cooktop that uses precise times and temperatures gathered from over 700 recipes. With an induction cooktop, a connected pan, and a companion app, you’ll never wonder where you are in the cooking process. For example, the app, which controls both the cooktop and the pan, will provide specific instructions, such as “flip your steak in 35 seconds.” The app automatically controls the temperature and time with a build-in thermocouple.

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